Unpopular opinion on honing

So most people will mostly disagree with this , but I really don’t want the honing changes , I have gone from T1 to T3 whilst just playing the game not spent a single penny on the game I have 6 characters 3 of them in t2 1 in t3 I don’t understand why you all can’t just play the game grind island grind dungeons or the devs just release all of the content that they chucked out , like honing imo is fine like from my perspective as a player who has gone from t1 to t3 with out spending any money it’s kind of discouraging and annoying if they make all of t1 and t2 honing 100% as someone who has progressed all of this more then twice I played wow ff14 runescape a lot of mmo’s and I get a lot of enjoyment out of this game , so seeing the honing changes would kinda just put me off this game entirely like yea cool people get to t3 a lot easier but then now we’re back at the point where no one know’s mechanics no one know to counter weaknesses it’s pretty much just aids imo if you let people who don’t grind get to t3 or put in effort to t3


to clear something up , T3 buff on honing would be fine or even just adding the lost content would be nice for the matts , but T1 Should be skippable - T2 Should remian till players learn a bit more


understandable. but if you look at it from a long-term perspective, I think you’d also appreciate the honing changes. But even now, getting alts more easily to t3 wouldn’t feel so bad, right?

The fact that they released Argos but people are still failing T1 upgrades is not exactly the Lost Ark way of doing it , historically. It’s pretty weird tbh and it makes it feel like reaching ‘endgame’ is extremely far away. When adding new content, the game should make you feel like it’s helping you reach it

I get your point though and it’s likely that a lot of people will feel like you.

But they have other ways of solving the 1340-1370 deadzone(e.g. events, or adding the missing content that rewards mats). As long as it’s being addressed asap, I think most players would be happy with any of the solutions

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I mean I agree on getting alts to t3 would be decent but me personally have not really had a issue with I have 2-3 alts rn at 900ilvl so I’ve been chilling pretty much mostly on that I think I don’t mind the T1 going to 100% cause that is kinda just repetitive like most things really in this game , but I think the T2 should stay the same but they just add all the content they took out , for the island matts and yea events , mostly because I think T2 is a nice learning curve for bosses with OS mechanics I don’t think nerfing a lot of stuff will help players grow and learn either but yeah I think there should be a somewhat skip between t1 and t2 t3 should have more accessible matts I think for me it’s mostly like I have 500hrs in the game almost I think seeing the change of “honing goes to 100% from 1 to 15” is very discouraging like I played 500hrs when I could of just delayed playing the game entirely for free t3 very annoying from a time spent stand point

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But nah I do understand where you are coming from

I think I wouldn’t mind it so much if it came a bit later down the line , like when players have gotten use to the game you see more countering in lower tiers and people not dying to mechanics or they at least understand the mechanics I feel like if you flood the t3 content it will just make it a much rougher time for t3 players who understand how to play the game better then most casuals

some people even in T3 are still learning the game (e.g. countering, optimizing their class, learning how to do more damage) , so the catch-up mechanics would only make this worse, indeed

But this is what happens when content gets released this quickly :thinking:

however, t3 guardians are fairly easy, and so are the abyssal dungeons (until 1370 that is)

I would personally be happiest with big catch up mechanics in both T1 and T2 ; but that might be a risky move, because a lot of players might feel like they wasted a lot of time

the best course of action for now IMO (for the health of the game)/a middle ground would be to address the 1340-1370 problem, make honing just a tad easier in t2 so that unlucky players don’t get stuck for weeks there; and adjust the roadmap so that players have time to catch up


Yeah I pretty much agree with this since it makes players who for the time the game has been out don’t feel like they wasted to much time , The T1 honing I completely think should be skippable but the t2 should stay about the same with a little buff to the rate of success , I think that should be enough to fill the void of t3 1340-1370 gap and maybe they should increase the chances of t3 gear a little , but yeah I think adding the lost content and also adjusting the road map is very healthy for the game and adding a few catch up mechanics won’t hurt , what I think will hurt the game is 100% in t1 and t2 for honing I was doing some of the guardian raids on my alts and the amount of times I see a warrior or a shadowhunter or even deathblades and gunlancers just side step the boss when it’s counter able is kinda unreal and no staggers or weakness or bomb users it’s kind of disappointing because so many people can make so many of the fights a lot easier or when I’ve entered abyss dungeons and people don’t know mechanics even after a month and such if these people hit t3 I think it would be a bit unhealthy for the game but that’s just obviously my opinion , I don’t want to gatekeep people I want them to enjoy the game but I would also like to enjoy the game my self with out the expense of say “casual players” in a sense being in the end game tiers with out knowing many of the mechanics in the game but yeah I would like to see some catch up content at least , or make it so if you have t3 your ults progress a little better cause at least you have gone through all of the t1 t2 like you can fly through t1 if you have your stronghold leveled up and do the research it’s kinda insane

You have a point mate. People tend to not be as dumb in t3, after having to spend so much time to get there…
Also after the 1st upgraded char into a new tier the others advance waay easier. Thanks to that, I was able to boost an alt from 960 to t3 this week, and one from 0 to 900(along with minor increments on 2 other t2s)

However, I’ve failed countless times for basically no reason on first T3 char… RNG was just extremely bad. I was wasting money on moon’s breaths and books for + chance, doing all upgrades at 70%(+chance from fails) and in the end I had like a 27%-30% success rate(computed after I reached T3)

Having other players go through that easier(even a 10% buff to honing) wouldn’t be that bad imo

But I must say, I don’t even like t3 that much now…feels rather dead. 1 chaos dungeon to do for ages, 1 guardian raid to do for ages and 2 dungeons(and people are idiots in party finder, rejecting for no reason when they’re even lower ilvl than you). In the other tiers I could at least unlock more guardian raids to go through, and there was lots of dungeon lobbies

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yeah having a lot more content would be nice and maybe a little buff to the t3 upgrades would be welcomed due to how bad it is , but I think accumulating a lot of the newer players into T3 really would not be the best of solutions IMO cause that would really benefit most players I do think honing for t3 should be buffed though , only by a little no to make it too easy or to hard my only issue with honing changes is one I’d feel discouraged from playing cause I had to go through a lot of honing and people can just take my months work and just shove it down the drain if I waited a month but 2. most people wouldn’t be playing that well and for the most part it doesn’t really feel too rewarding behanded it on a silver platter :sweat: but yeah I think more content for t3 and maybe a little buff to t3 and some more catch up mechanics would be pretty golden for the game’s health

Like I really really love this game it’s reignited my passion for mmo’s after like wow going to shit and stuff and I really don’t wanna see this game fail in a sense I enjoy it

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T1 - T3 isnt the problem. The game is showering u with mats anyway.

1340+ is where the game is broken. Not enough mats combined with bad honing chances.

Thats where we either need honing buffs or the missing t3 content for more mats.

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yeah I agree completely with this just add back the content that is missing and buff the honing for t3 a bit would make the game a lot smoother

OP your opinions are false.

I am just 1340 and everything in T3 is much easier then T1 and T2. The guardians are done in 6 minutes average every try. The 1325 abyss. The first one is easiest of all I ever done. The second one is also easy. I did them both with matchmaking group without issues.

Meanwhile the last abyss in T2 I was wiping like 6 hours with 5 different groups. And I am sure I was not alone.

So get from you high horse. Start of T3 is really easy.

you’ll want it for your alts… trust me, idc if it makes it easier for new players cause im not selfish… I want everyone to experience the part of this game that shines(argos, valtan, so on) - Hell i’d be down for new players to get a 1340 boost asap

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Not on a high horse :slight_smile: this is the point keep t2 how it is <3 because you know when you get 7 other people who can’t understand how to move clockwise and grab orbs in a circle wiping for 6hrs is not fun <3 so my claims are not false you’re running into the issue of “people not knowing how to actually play the game so why would flooding t3 with these players be a good experiance”


Selfish hmm not really when I don’t want my own time to be wasted ^^ , you expect people who play the game and understand the game to deal with legit bots who don’t even want to watch a 5 minuet guide to flood t3 and “enjoy” the content well if those players who don’t learn the game tend to flood the t3 content no one will be enjoying the game it’s not about wanting it for just alts maybe if players go through t1 t2 and learn the game and at t3 then make alts easier sure but making the game 100000x easier for people who put in nothing is a joke

I don’t care about honing buffs from T1 to T3, we already have the honing research in our fortress for that.
The BIG issue right now is 1340 to 1370 (and most likely other dead zones in the future) were there is not new content in between both ilvl’s (1355 content would’ve been a good implementation imo)
If they can add what others have talked about that’s available on the KR version of the game (i.e more sources of honing mats), it would at least feel a bit better.
I love the game, but if I have to sit at 1340 for months I’m not sure I’ll keep on playing it.

I agree with you