Unpopular opinion: Playing on EUW is better than on EUC

First, this is just my opinion and I want to share it with you guys.

I started playing on EUW one month after the western release with friends. At this time, until today, I am reading that new players should stop playing on EUW and start over at EUC.
And I started because of it on EUC, but I was still trying to manage to play on EUW too.

Of course, I played mainly on EUW and getting a handful of characters. On EUC, I played only one character to maximize his gearscore. The reason behind it was the people on reddit and this forum told us, EUW will die at some point, and we will regret it.

But at the end, I am really happy that I didn’t stop playing on EUW.
Hear me out why.

The market is linked to the value of gold.
The prices are based on the average purchasing power of the players.
And even if the number of players in a region doesn’t matter because of the principles of offer and request,
there is big major problem which already destroyed the economy in some regions.

The prices for BC and in the player driven market are since months stable on EUW.
There was a small inflation too. (1500 → 1900 for BC, but already at 1500 again).

For new and casual player and even for nolifer EUW is much more friendly in terms of their own value of gold.
Of course, there is a downside. You won’t find a raidlobby between 1am and 1pm, but the reason is simple. Most players are casual on EUW and in my eyes it makes the game healthier and more enjoyable than EUC, at least for me.



pas lu + have fun having only 2 argos group on peak hour

Till you need accessories for all your characters.

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The ones you can’t find in EUW would be too expensive in EUC anyway. What’s the point of it being on the AH when you can’t afford? Also, there is always the option of going with 2 leg engravings so you need less 5 3 accessories.

Just because you cannot afford it doesn’t mean others can’t. There’s always a bigger fish. Tho 2 leg engravings definitely makes life tons easier getting a good neck with close to 500stat each as a 3/3 or 4/3 since you can offload the engravings to the other accs

Playing on EUW isnt that bad indeed but finding accessoires like 5 combat readyness + anything else good and other stuff like that is almost impossible to get .

if it’s impossible to get then noone wiill have 5x3 BiS. There are many players with 5x3 so getting the accessories isn’t that bad

At what cost?

Actually by the logic of offer and request, there should be the same equal share per player of accessoires regardless of the number of players.
Its true that some unpopular classes have trouble finding accessoires but this counts for every region even for EUC.

I am talking about normal class accessoires not BiS accessoires.BiS accessoires are expensive and rare anyways. Luckily much cheaper on EUW still.

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