Unpopular Opinion, Remove Wipe Mechanics Abyssal

I know it’s not going to be popular with the hardcore folks, but I also know that a large percentage of players will not stick with the game or do Abyssal Dungeons with the current wipe mechanics. You have to scale things to the lowest common denominator to keep the majority of players. It’s the reason other MMOs have Easy, Normal, Hard modes as options.


The current wipe mechanics are so easy a 9 year old can learn it? I’m not even saying “get gud” but are u serious???

EDIT: I hope you’re trolling


Original Lost Ark is doing amazing in Korea. Especially the legion raids that are keeping the game popular. I never tried it, but I can bet they have dozens of wipe mechanics.


From KR experience, yes ha yes they have PLENTY. Valtan raid total has about 5-8 wipe mechs

But they are like fun minigames in my opinion. Like currently they are sort of minigames while fighting imo


when you suggest remove wipe mechanic in abyssal on your topic title, ur asking to get flamed lol. What you should put in your title is put easy mode in Abyssal. Although i agree putting different difficulty in Abyssal. However, I do not agree removing wipe mechanics in any difficulty. Only thing i can say is make wipe mechanics easier to do in easy mode. Cause if wipe mechanic is removed, people will not take the effort to learn and get spoon fed.


Lost ark is known for its difficulty. Abyss dungeons are a pebble compared to legion raids… the biggest thing that needs to change is the dependency on the matchmaking system. You’re setting yourself up for failure when you let the game roll the dice on your group. Use party finder, watch a guide, and get the loot.

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If they added some new modes, like Easy, Normal, Hard and you could still get your wipe mechanics in Hard mode, would you be against players having the option for Easy mode? If you would be against an optional Easy mode, why?

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In KR you deadass won’t find anyone in matchmaking. You can be waiting for hours and get no one. Legit everyone uses the lobbies! So yes this is facts

U have hard mode and hell mode, which is harder and has harder mechanics.

What u are asking is bot mode.


ur asking to get flamed

Doesn’t really affect me. It’s the internet. It’s just my opinion and feedback to help the longevity of the game in the NA market. I see more options as a good thing.

My question is what are OP experiences to think they should get removed?
Odds are it comes down to communication and patience. Before you blame the content difficulty, try and give your best effort to succeed. Pressing the matchmaking button takes zero effort.


If they did that, then easy mode probably give minimal rewards, if at all. Probably none and just to practice until you can do the original content. Most players practice in normal mode anyways, so that easy mode will just take up extra hard drive space. Then they attempt hard when they think they mastered normal. Hard is where messing up hurts a lot more and rewards tend to be greater.

My advice is, if you enjoy the game for what it is, keep at it. Take your time and learn mechanics and work your way up. If this doesn’t float your boat, there are many other games out there that might be more fitting.

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WoW has Normal, Heroic, Mythic, Mythic+, etc.
SWTOR has Story Mode, Veteran and Master

The big AAA titles have options. Again, it comes down to more options and the lowest common denominator. Even the regular dungeons in LA have a Normal and Hard settings. The Raids seem to be an important part of the game and I believe those Raids could appeal to more people if there were more options for difficulty settings.

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Facts… And… The Abyssal Dungeons are actually normal difficulty though… There are hard versions from T3 onwards.

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Those raids are not going to be handheld like other MMO’s lost ark is popular for it’s difficulty and SGR will keep it that way. They’re not worried about appealing to the lowest of casual NA players. They wanted 200k players and got 1 million… meaning they’d still be happy if 70% quit

if you don’t prepare people for abyss raids and then legion raids with wipe mechanics, then this game is not for them.

the game is already ez and you want to make it even more? XD

There are already more difficulty settings in t3 (hard mode oreha’s well e.g.) and there is going to be more when legion raids come out with hell mode raids.

It’s only going to become harder, not easier. So learn your mechanics.

I disagree. They want to make money. Having an Easy mode would not effect you one bit, if you can still do Hard mode, Hell mode, etc. The company would rather have 500,000 concurrent players, rather than 50k.

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Cap because a player that’s not even able to learn a single wipe mechanic will not make it past a single Legion Raid gate

The purpose of these engagements is to learn the unique attacks and wipe mechanics of each fight and learn to master them. Take your time and fully indulge in each tier of content. Making an easy mode, allowing players to simply steamroll through this caliber of content, will lose the interest of even more players, I’d argue.

Look at why the retention went UP in KR after Legion Raids released.

If abyssals, particularly early tier abyssals, are too difficult for a subsection of players, sadly I don’t think this game is good fit for them.