Unpopular opinion: Stop complaining about everything and don't be entitled

Average Malding LOA Andy:

→ “Wow roadmap”
Looks at roadmap for 10 seconds
→ “OmG mY fAvOuRiTe ClAsS iSnT iN hErE”
goes to forum to mald hmm mald feels good
→ “bUt ThEy LiEd tO mE, iT sAiD fAsTeR cLaSsEs”
→ ‘But anon they said faster then in KR’

Some of you really feel like AGS/SMG owe you anything it’s insane, it’s a f2p game. You play it? good for you. You don’t? good for you

What you are asking makes no sense at all, ofcourse they won’t release all classes at once. (Malding p2w andies AND they have a business that needs to earn money)

Ofcourse they won’t reveal Valtan already in April. (Malding casuals)

Ofcourse they don’t buff honing, since you have 2 months to reach 1370-1415 (MMO’s are grindy surprise)

Yes, I would love Artist too or the other classes. I didn’t get it, allright whatever doesn’t matter too much there are a lot of other classes. (BUT I WANT ONLY THAT ONE CLASS → thats a you problem)

Positive things you mald too hard about and didn’t notice:

  • Bunch of QoL updates WE ASKED FOR
  • Class release paired with free 960 booster (WOW FREE T3)
  • New Class that a majority of people ASKED for releases first, month after destroyer that many asked for too
  • New continent with new content
  • New Trial Guardian raid coming
  • MORE QoL KR updates
  • Legion raid + Guardian raid is OPEN AND THEY WILL LOOK AT OUR FEEDBACK

So anon, I don’t want to hear you but but but. Learn to read and understand how companies work. They owe you nothing, and you owe them nothing. Simple as that, they listened to us and also looked at their best interest at the same time. You can’t have it all otherwise there wouldn’t be a game.

This you anon?
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There’s no reason not to release all the classes. Until this ceases to be an indisputable fact people aren’t going to stop complaining about them being drip-fed. And they shouldn’t. Because why would they?

AGS can stop the complaining (at least regarding this topic) literally any time they want by just releasing the classes that exist in the game.


As I said, why do you feel entitled to receiving everything you desire?

if companies would listen to people like you they would cease to exist.

No they wouldn’t.

Why are you defending a company arbitrarily withholding classes that already exists, which would do nothing to disrupt the state of the game otherwise, and which they could push at any time? Staggering raids makes sense because that’s how content works, but classes are your vehicle for experiencing that content and it is a pure boon to the game and playerbase to have all of them in the game now, and nothing is gained by their inclusion being delayed. It is just AGS simultaneously being greedy and too incompetent to know how to be greedy correctly.


you are funny ,If you were AGS would you release all classes and all contents .And after 2-3 months will say .Where is contents??It makes no financial and logical way for company to do it .Release 1 class per month is fair enough .It will take Na server 6 months to catch up to Kr .


Whilst I can understand many people being upset about having to wait for their main to be playable, the amount of negativity surrounding an actually super great roadmap is astounding.

Remember they said that things can and will change, so just because we only get one class for April and May doesn’t mean we won’t be getting two; three or even them all in a single month after May.

We’ve seen it happen before where if enough people complain they will hear and attempt to address the issue hence us getting LM earlier, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we ended up getting the remaining a whole lot quicker.


These types of people don’t have the capacity to think logically. They think “I want I want” and it ends there. If it doesn’t go their way they start stomping their feet and throw a tantrum

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For starters classes != raids. Secondly, 99.99% of people would not be saying that. I don’t think anyone expects classes to be generated from scratch on a regular basis. Not releasing classes which literally already exist, however, is just frustrating people who want to play them for no gain.


This won’t happen without that negativity you’re shocked by.


it’s not about that or “bohoo my fav class didn’t get released yet” it’s about that destroyer should have been released in april and arcana in may. now they replaced destroyer with lance master and arcana isn’t even gonna be released in may. even tho more ppl demanding arcana instead of destroyer. that’s why most of the posts after the roadmap contains about ppl being sad about arcana. cause they literally erased her.

In a market, is it not a consumer’s role to make clear what their desires and preferences are when they’re critiquing a product?


This whole argument is pure feelings over facts. As I said, if you expect a company to give up monetary gains for your interest you are very wrong and u have a distorted worldview. You shouldn’t expect everything to be handed of the get go just because another version of the game has it. There have been plenty of explenations except monetary gains why they wouldn’t release all classes at once.

→ Content is impaired with classes
→ classes are connected to certain boost events “free pas for the class and most of the times a bigger event later on”
→ Some of the classes are getting reworked soon in KR, probably a big reason why they won’t release here yet since we then get the reworked version

Whaaaaaat? You mean dropping classes people would come flocking back to play, put more money and time into would make the company cease to exist? AMAZON WOULD CEASE TO EXIST? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

You win the internet.

FYI , those unpopular classes(Summoners ,Arcana ,Destroyer are going through major changes in April-May in KR .Make no sense release them until balance patch in KR .

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They have looked at the replies on all platforms and LanceMaster was by far the most requested. Hence they release first, after that I have seen a lot of destroyer and artist replies and topics. I have seen 0 arcana topics until today so pls don’t say that.

I 100% understand you would be “dissapointed” but if they say we are reworking a roadmap you shouldn’t clamp on the old one and get mad because it has changed

What I’m shocked by is that most people are just overlooking everything else that’s genuinely great in the roadmap to focus on a single thing and surround it with negativity, voicing their opinion is great and all but don’t throw out the entire roadmap just cause there’s a single thing they dislike :c.

The class I want to play most is already in the game. I didn’t even know word one about Lost Ark before some friends asked me to play it shortly before its release, so it’s not like I was expecting anything coming into this.

The problem with people like you is that you are incapable of viewing reality objectively and separate from your own selfish desires and perspectives. Not releasing the full class roster is a stupid decision because it is, in fact, a stupid, illogical, objectively piss-poor decision that is going to harm the game and its playerbase. I would like that decision to be different because I want the game to do well, not because I am personally eagerly waiting for a specific class.


Exactly, if a big corporation doesn’t make enough money from a project they will cast it aside. Maybe you don’t know how corporations work but it’s actually very simple

Yup, but none of the temper tantrums are viable feedback. It’s purely “WHY NOT MY CLASS, MORE MORE MORE”

I guess we’re both ignorant then.