Unreal how bad ranked is

if you don’t run into a cheating sorc or gunslinger… it’s having to vs a support with 20 sec full team shields while you have none.

played a lot of pvp games and arena in general, by far the worst I’ve ever played

Does anyone know if it gets better in KR? every pvper is going to leave when v rising comes… apart from the ones blinded by copium to think the current ranked system in lost ark is even remotely good


I like ranked, and have no idea what you’re talking about.
I haven’t seen any cheater in pvp so far. Point system is sadly shared on whole team so if you lose, you lose same as your team mates even though you did better. But how could that even be calculated? In one older game there were plethora of stats tracked such as healing done / CC done / damage denied / dodged etc… We don’t have such tracking here, only dmg and kills so you are bound to have bland point system.
But your team will still win if all of you do slightly better coordination.

TL,DR - I don’t see ranked here as bad, on a contrary! It’s my favorite time spender in Lost Ark!

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well it’s nice you haven’t come across cheaters myself and others have go look into it… So you get an idea

after more than 500 games in pvp both normal or ranked i only met one cheater one time…
but i got flame for being a cheater maybe a quarter of the game… if you’r one of this player maybe get good; learn cc; classes don’t treat people like they cheat just cause your bad
ranked queue is not great i agree but still not worse than wow or any other mmo lol at least better player win not most geared one…
maybe you were used to be the geared player?

I have more games. Seen way more cheaters. I main scrapper… I know the mechanics you can get good before you assume :’) legit reading your replies cringes me to no end. I don’t pve just pvp so you can go back to chaos dungeons qt

please tell me what you play :’) I guarantee it is a laugh

i know their is cheaters on the game weve all seen videos of it i just didnt encounter many of them if any on EUW

then quit assuming it’s because I don’t know mechanics… I play scrapper… basically the weakest I’m literally only talking about cheaters ruining the game. The pvp is actually great and decently balanced. It’s the fact both companies are capable of having a better anti cheat system :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry then ^^ but i get flame of cheater so often by delusionnal player its amazing
while i do agree eac is shit (i have an exploit turning of eac while being able to do anything since fortnite came out and its still not corrected and still work in every game protected by it) i think finding the solution to bots is way more important than finding the few cheater that might be in pvp. BTW their is to kind of cheats in lost ark : blatant swift hack speedy boy. and the smart one that just boost their stat by a little to have an edge.
i’m affraid they could increased in number.

Lol I see it as well and you can flame them if thats the case but even enemy teams afk to make the cheater lose sometimes it’s fked

yes, the speed boosts cast boosts roll etc its so exploited its becoming unfun

what server region are you on ? i really don’t see many if any on mine hopefully stays that way

NA west, Apparently it’s worst on NA west unfortunately like I play on 220 Ping from OCE Idm being disadvantaged like that but cheating on top of it with the movement ability’s cooldowns etc.
that’s when it gets a bit ridiculous. The 2x vs no sup also can be awful when teams don’t run the shield out abit

No, only the ones which think like you.

nah, A lot will pvp is already fairly dead don’t kid yourself

I dont know what is your definition of dead, but i dont find any difference in Queue times since launch so it looks good to me

As in soon to die my bad

but also pretty dead

Mhm … Okay

to me in euw seems like its dying queue time becomes longer and i start to know everyone playing kind of a lot
usually if i don’t know someone they get rolled on
to me that cry not enough people doing pvp and that is one of the main reason for no 3v3 premade ranked queue : it would dilute the pvp player base too much and probably end up with no one finding any game