Unreleased Class Main Plan

So I was curious if there was anything I’m missing. I plan to play a character that is unreleased on NA yet so I wanted to get as much done now so I can make a clean transition and not set my raid team back.

Things I’ve done:

•Saved engravings up to purple so far
• Obtained a T3 ability Stone that has its best 2 engravings
• Saving materials to boost it up quickly (excluding harmony shards)

The last one was my main concern. I was thinking of keeping 2 characters in tier 3 (only have one 1325 atm) and then keeping 2 characters in tier 2 and then two characters in tier 1 and farm materials for a few weeks. My only concern is how I’m supposed to obtain harmony shards for that character once it’s released other than chaos gates, which id probably be doing in tier 3.

Any suggestions or insight on how to make it easiest would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Should have saved same chest with harmony shards from the islands, or you might haven’t done every island. So go do islands

Those were all character bound.

only if you open them. the unopened chests are roster bound, so you can share them with your alts via the bank

You need to start farming gold. Meaning, learn how the AH actually works and what is of value. Then you want to start buying blue crystals so that you can make very good use out of Mari’s shop once your prefered class gets released. Furthermore you will also be able to buy shards from players via the market. This will be the most efficient way to prepare for an unreleased class. I also would advice you to not push past 1370 with your current main and from that point onward save your T3 mats for the upcoming new main. The big issue here will be if Argos (next T3 content) releases before your class is in the game. Cause then you will have to make a decision to either wait, or use all your saved up mats to push through Argos. I hope that gave you a little more insight.

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I’m not sure it matters if you leave classes in the t1 and t2 realm, you can put everything in t3 and then use all those characters to farm t1/2/3 mats

Thank you, I really appreciate this.

do chaos > get free map , do the map since those reward harmony bags that are tradeable