Unsable connections, leading to loss of progression

For the second time today I’ve DC’d specifically at the end of daily/weekly limited content, which caused it to count as “completed” but rewarded me nothing.
The first time was a guardian raid which dc’d me during the “MVP” screen, and the second an abyssal dungeon that dc’d me during the transition to the boss room.

But on top of this is the feature to auto shut down the game, which causes steam to say the game is still running for a minute, then the long load up times mean you’ve definitely been kicked or missed the end of the specific content you’re doing at the time, meaning you lose the loot, rewards or even progression meaning you have to do it all over again (which you can’t if it’s gated with weekly/daily resets).

Though DC’s can happen anywhere, It seems to be at it’s most unstable when loading into new area’s like zones, dungeons, instanced content or cutscenes. Despite these being short compared to gameplay, it overabundantly seems to happen during these “events” (from personal experience)

Preferably the game shouldn’t mark it as complete if it wasn’t looted, or if you weren’t present for the completion.
Just make the system acknowledge the “complete” when it’s looted, or a way to send loot to the mail if it didn’t get collected due to issues like this.

As well it’d be best not to auto shut down the game, leading to long load up times and causing people to miss massive parts of dungeons/raids/etc.
Just kick us back to a “reconnect” page.

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Almost a month after they said they where going to roll out a fix and it’s still happening… What’s the point of trying to do the instances if you just dc half of the time and get locked out.

i understand your frustration and this system definetly needs improving.
especially the whole game shutdown needs to be stopped

but i think everything is like this for a reason for anticheat and people not randomly leaving without penalty after a wipe.