Until disconnects are under control please disable queue lockouts

Roughly half of my games tonight, and over the past two weeks have had disconnects, the last patch made it mariginally better but it is absolutely still there, getting 3 disconnects in one night = 40 minute penalty, get another DC within then next 6 hours? well, now you’re looking at an hour long lockout.

For the duration of the disconnect issues either;
•Make the timer tick down while not in game so people can just, go sleep or something and be able to play the game again.
•Make it less than 6 hours to not be penalised again.
•make it more leniant to disconnects.
The system is fine but these disconnects are keeping me from doing the main thing I play this game for.


they should just revert the penalty to how it was before.
the the rare 20minutes was not that bad.
but the change to the penalty system has been terrible

we all know how bad the servers are. the random dc or crash is common place.
we shouldn’t get penalized for this at all.

its meant for rage quitters. and I doubt there’s even any people trying to quit.
its always the game kicking us out not the player leaving on his own.

the games are extremely short as well, a penalty makes sense where a dc can ruin a 30+min game for the team.

but our games are 240 seconds. a dc is no big deal just move on to the next game.

at this point I just hope for the stars to align and the game doesn’t take a shit more than once every 6hours.

TLDR: don’t lock players out of PvP when the disconnect is your servers issue not ours.

This. Any comments from people that could resolve this?

and another disconect with 40 mins bann now. When are u stupid fks going to fix this shit? Its disgusting how fk bad u are.

Yeah I played a game, 2 on enemy team DC next game, one on my team one on enemy DC it’s very silly.

remove the new lockout system, its irrelevant

i came home to play a chilled 4 hours of pvp…got EAC error in the 3rd game instant 2 hours lock. WTF ist happening? How am i supposed to play this game anymore?

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After getting 3 games of at least 2 people dced I got hit with one myself, 40 min lockout, and unlike other games I can’t close it and play something else for an hour because this ridiculous lockout system requires in game time.

Seriously if you don’t fix these by your update you will lose a ton of players who don’t want to deal with disconnects during brel.

Appreciate this feedback, and it’s a great callout to make in regards to the current situation. I’ll bring it up and see if it’s something we’re able to change while this issue is ongoing.


Thank you! I very much appreciate the notice, and really hope this can be solved by the next update

Preach! I’ve felt they were out of touch with the community when they decided to add this new system with all the server issues.

Let’s hope this get’s escalated, losing 40 pts a game due to dc’s + a penalty is BS.

this has been called out before, a month in and the fact nothing has been done is… disappointing.
Also where the “refund” for lost chaos dungeons due to these disconnects?

It sure was 15 days ago after trying to be nice 10 days prior to that post in this link!

Thx for the reply, any updates on this? We are penalized for issues not in our control…

Still no changes for that, they are piss on us like always. This is realy amazing company.