Until support shortage works itself out, I suggest raising the health potion cap

There is still a major shortage of supports in NA. Until this issue is resolved parties are hurting for supports. In order to help mitigate this, I suggest increasing the cap on health potions. With the ability for each player to bring more healing, the reliance on supports would be mitigated somewhat and hopefully encourage players to play with parties of only 1 or even 0 supports.

Supports would still be preferable of course, for the free healing, shielding and attack and defense buffs they bring, so I do not feel like it would be making them less desirable. It just might make things more bearable when you cannot find any supports to play with.

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If you are going through 5-7 potions (Blue or purple because you shouldn’t be using anything lower) a fight you are doing something wrong. If your aim is to be able to bring green potions and chug them and save money I would also imagine at that point you are the type of player who doesn’t use battle items when required as well so you should be rolling in money and should be able to make potions.


If what you say we’re true then you could say also that if you need a support you are doing something wrong.
Not everybody is a super skilled player. Of course you can do a fight without receiving damage at all but people make mistakes and it’s perfectly normal to spend 5 blue pots for example in Vikas phase 2 or even 7 purple if you are a bit unlucky with mechanics.
It would be nice as author says raise the pots limit, perhaps only in the case that theres no support class in the party to compensate it a bit.

There’s also a big difference if its on ilvl or not.

Cursed Doll + Grudge new requirement for pugging?

blue potions enjoyer here in raids
green for some random ass mechanic in argos

i mean, you don’t need support for any content in the game, just get good and don’t get hit, this is a pretty easy game to avoid taking damage in, everything has a tell from a mile away just open your eyes and pay attention.

I use green pots for vykas hm no support

IF any change, the only one I think its somehow reasonable is adding another set of potions, that gives more than 9 charges (the current best I think).

They would (and SHOULD) be even more expensive though.

Nah let’s not dumb down content even further. We already have it so easy in this region.