Until you guys manage to block gold sellers properly, we need way more than 100 players in the blocklist


It’s in the title. Whoever is managing the bot detection system is doing an horrible job at it. Bots literally do the exact same thing all over again each time they remake a character, and they spam the exact same messages with no variations, yet they still ain’t getting banned fast enough.

So we as players need to report them manually, and block them at the same time. Why the fuck is the blocklist limited to 100 players? It’s the quantity of bots that go throught their levelling routine in less than ten minutes.

We either need drastically higher blocklist slots, or the ability to mass clear the block list from time to time. The blocklist interface is slow as fuck and it takes more than 2 sec between clicking the X button, and the player being removed. (Or you could automatically remove a permanently banned bot from all the blocklist, but that’s computationally heavy for the servers.)


Agree, i think im quitting, but cleared my blocked list 3 times, definitely not an enjoyable experience. Especially when area chat is so useful.

I had also met this limit, this is stupid.


Please increase your ability to limit more than 100 blocked players. Best for the unlimited.


Would it be possible to put those we list as Suspected Gold Sellers on a separate unlimited block list? I have no need to go back and unblock those people ever so I don’t care if I ever have to look at those I blocked for spamming gold sales. That way we can use the regular block list for its intended purpose. Right now chat is completely unusable due to the non stop spamming and having reached my 100 limit. I can’t see when folk are announcing real events any more.