Untradable Mount and Pet chest


I still have a Cerberus Mount chest and a Cat Pet Chest sitting in my inventory. Why is it that mine are untradeable but there are numerous available on the market (and always has been). I am the original owner and was looking to sell one to make gold for honing. But I cannot put them up for sale.

Hello @kasey_havermale

Hope you are doing great and apologize about this issue!
I would like to helps as muchs as possible and for that reason I will need to know your character name and server where this happens.

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Character: Attîcus (1416.66 Sharpshooter)
Server: Karta

Hello @kasey_havermale

Thank you so much for the information and apologies for the late answer!

I actually reviewed your case and I was no able to find the Chest that you mention on your character Attîcus. I can confirm that the pet and mount are correctly claimed to your collection so those specific items are unavailable to trade.
Would it be possible that the Chest in question was open or that you have it with a different character?
Let me know if there is more information about it.

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You probably have the 2nd set that was given out as compensation to people that had to swap servers/regions in the first weeks following launch. The 2nd set of founders packs contained items that were roster bound.