Untradable Version of Northern Lawmaker Skin is undyeable

Hello Amazon GMs,

The tl;dr version of this is: The untradable version of the Northern Lawmaker Skin is undyeable and I think it should be dyeable so it is the same as the original version given to Gold or Platinum founders.

The essay on why I think this should be done is this:

Many of the players that wear the limited Lawmaker set from the Gold+ Founders addition are able to dye their costumes, changing the colour and patterns to suit their character’s style. Since these are tradable, many players from Day 1, Free-to-Play players to the new players entering the game are able to enjoy these perks.

Yet the people that have bought the Gold and even the Platinum edition prior to the game’s launch and invested heavily into this game before setting foot into the land of Arkesia are stuck with an undyeable version of the same item. Those wishing to dye their Northern Lawmaker Skin have to forsake the version they purchased and buy one from the Auction House from another player. This seems unfair.

This may not be an issue for those that used both founders’ packs on the same server or used the tradable version of the founders initially. However, those affected by server congestion since launch day and were forced to create another account on a different server only received the untradable version of the Northern Lawmakers set. As such, they are stuck with the undyeable version of the set on a server they had to wait to get into due to an issue outside of their control.

Whether it was intentional or not, being stuck with an undyeable version of an armour set that is limited in supply sucks. Buying the exact same armour set just to dye it feels like a waste of gold.

Considering that Amazon’s version of Lost Ark was able to amend the cash shop’s Noble Banquet set and make it dyeable within a single week, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be an issue for the Northern Lawmaker set to get the same treatment.