Untradeable founder's skins still character bound

I know this got reported multiple times already so I would like to ask if there is an ETA when this is getting fixed? I put my plat skin and lawmaker skin on different alts and it’s been a while since I can’t put them back onto my main again. I think this was introduced with the release of the destroyer that both the untradeable versions of the founder’s skins are completely bound to a character and no longer roster bound as they used to be.

Same issue … such a let down in custommerservice for a onetime PREMIUM skin … i also feel shafted by AGS/SMG that the second chest is still not dyable as well but they changed it for noble skin… very dissapointed

I know it’s probably not something high on the priority list, but I would really appreciate to know if this is even known or even possibly intended.

Hey there! I’ll see if I can get some additional information regarding this.

That would be appreciated.

I’ll let you know if I get an update :slight_smile: .

Any update? I just wanna use my skins.:pensive:

Unfortunately at this time I can not provide any further updates regarding this issue.