Unused Feiton PP? Where's it going?


Looks like my unused Feiton PP expires tomorrow, so I need to use it.

I have a pally main at 1445 and a gunlancer hitting 1370 soon. I enjoy both, but have room for another alt.

I’d like something different to the pally and gunlancer, open to melee or ranged, but not too squishy or too demanding. I love the pally as support and chaos dungeons are a breeze with big AE and preemptive strike. The in-your-face gunlancer is great, aside from the backjump dodge.

With two warriors I’m not keen to go zerker or destroyer. Shadow hunter would be cheap and easy, but I fear it may be a bit boring after a while. Scrapper seems an interesting tanky option but seems to have tight hit box requirements. Having not enjoyed a brief go with a sharpshooter I’d like to avoid being animation locked on bigger hitting abilities.

I’m sure I’ll decide in time, but where are you going if you have a spare Feiton PP left?

+1 for Scrapper from me.
Pretty tanky with excellent mobility. Nonexistent animation locks if you play taijutsu.
Hitboxes are really not that bad since most of your skills move you forward a bit.

Only minor downside is that chaos dungeons can be a bit annoying as taijutsu but i made a AoE shock build for those using the same gear (only swapping engraving slots for shock training)

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