Unused power passes and bound amulet from compensation

So i had 2 power passes claimed but unused that were there till yesterday, and now they are gone. Is this intended? They didnt had expiration date as far as i remember, but i may be wrong.
Also the amulet was claimed on my main character in which i made 30 max tripods already, but i claimed my compensation b4 reading forums, so i didnt see it was bind on pick, is there any plans on making them roster bound so i can use on my new reaper.
Thaks in advance

Hey there @ricardo_salve

The last free Powerpass given to players was the one included with the Rage with the Machinist update, this Powerpass has unfortunately already expired on October 26th as intended, similarly the previous free Powerpass which was included with the Spells in Spades update expired on September 28th. The current update Feast with Friends includes a new free Punika Powerpass which will expire on January 18th.

As for the compensation chest being opened in the wrong character, I’d recommend contacting our Support Team directly to request assistance un-claiming the compensation chest so you can claim it on the right character, please create a web ticket by following this link: