Unusual stutters on high end PC

This is happening to me, the exact same problems. Are there any moderators who can look at this and tell us whether a fix is on the way because it is affecting millions of players!

I have this issue with a GTX1070 and 21:9 144Hz ultrawide. I have tried every fix that has been posted (here and elsewhere) but still get horrible stuttering. It has seen maybe a 50% improvement, but the cities are like 10-20fps.

Turning off NPC names removed all my stutter in cities

i have a 3900x, 32gb ram and a rtx 3080. the game runs with 80-120fps mostly but there are oftern stutters and very short drops to 20fps. the game has frametime issues which makes it stutter. i guess you cant do anything there. just hope smilegate can improve it with patches

it is not that the GPUs or CPUs were too slow, it is the servers which lead to texture popins or delayed loading. no high end hardware can help this. just better servers or better handled servers? maybe less bots? idk

hello AGS. is there any news on this topic? the game still stutters. its annoying af

if you did the -notexturestreaming & -useallavailablecores trick on steam that’s what caused my CPU to throttle on my high end PC. worth the try :slight_smile:

After the last update, I’m getting suddent freezes when certain bosses from chaos dungeon, chaos gate and boss rush spawn. So is it the notexturestreaming that’s having a conflict now with EAC?

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Moving this game from my HDD to my SSD fixed more of the stuttering issues than changing any setting, but didn’t completely eliminate the problem. Now I haven’t tried changing the chat settings yet but the consistency of performance between different aspects of the game is ridiculous. I have zero issues on any raids or single bosses but massive issues in chaos dungeons. They’re generally pretty stutter-y on most classes but it’s absolutely horrendous on gunslinger compared to everything else. The world is pretty okay even with area chat on. -notexturestreaming does help greatly with the loading time of interactables, especially when doing the lopang runs.

hab dies problem auch aber nicht bei jeder klasse, und wenn ich es habe ist es im chaosdungeon wenn ich schnell viele mobs kille die war jedoch vor den letzten patch nicht so

Im Chat Silber und XP Anzeige ausmachen.

Do you have a video of the stuttering? It could shine some.light on the issue you’re having.

Same here. Tarsila is one of them, and it just happened on the floor 47 boss of Shadespire. I never had these stutters before this last update (5/19 update).

A streamer talked about it and it seems Tarsila and Butcher are the problem. There seems to be a reddit post about it.

I have the same exactly config besides the MOBO, and I have the same problem. Tried a bunch of things, but none of resolved. I’m assuming it is the bad optimization of LA, sadly. :frowning:

IT laggs and Freezes since Like 2+ weeks yes. Rig doesnt Matter IT seems Mine is good aswell

Same here. Chaos, few boss rush, few story quest boss my alts, freeze my fps this new patch…

Any idea to fix or wait for hotfix?

Ps: fix FPS

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Ahaaaa I thought it might be that but didn’t try it. I tried it now and it worked!

Yeah same, ran perfectly before, even with a browser open on the second screen.

Now when I noticed the ram usage is higher, so if I have a browser open with like a youtube video or stream on my second screen since the May update, it freezes the game.

immer noch mikro lags wann würd daran mal was gemacht?