Unwritten character name restrictions

So I made my first character and tried to name my Pet “Dagoo” (which is the name of my cat). Apparently that uses illegal characters?

So I just now tried making a third character with a name I commonly use (Bazdefunct) and it says I cannot use that name? I tried one I thought would be taken (Paladin) and I do indeed get the error that the name Paladin was already taken so I assume Bazdefunct isn’t already take, the game just thinks it’s using illegal characters or breaking some other character name restriction

Anyone experience anything similar or know if there are some strange naming restrictions in this game and can we get these removed?

I go by Baz4k everywhere and it would not let me name my character Baz or Bazz. I think it doesn’t like the name Baz for some reason

I got the cannot use name for “Ares”, which I do not get :frowning:

It can’t be just that since it let me name my Mage “Bazelle”. But yea there seem to be some funky restrictions that just don’t make any sense

It also will not let me use Phated. Its pretty depressing.