Upcoming Balancing Patch

Is there any chance we can get the balancing patch that Korea will get soon at the same time as them?

As much as I love my Deadeye and enjoy the mechanics, the way the meta is in NA/EU is incredibly punishing for non-Meta classes from party finding discrimination to the ability to sell accessories in the market for some gold to horrible risk-reward ratios.

In my experience, Deadeye has been way more punishing to play and master compared to other classes- I just thought the higher skill ceiling would be rewarded properly but it was a mistake not to check which classes are currently meta, and now as I reached 1370 I feel the pressure of the sunk cost fallacy, but it would take such a long time to switch to a new main.

Playing a class for being meta now is a huge mistake and any korean veteran (at least streamers) will tell you that.
This year specially is a huge mistake because as you say about the Korean patch, Korea will be getting a few BIG balance patches this year which are likely to contain not only balancing but reworks also (or so they said in LOA winter) so dont stress too much about it and look up to the Korean version for what to expect, as given the road map it seems that features from Korea are coming sooner rather than later

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