Upcoming PVP season and the Solo queue limitation

Hey, so I love the game been grinding every day since the release of it, and thus far there’s one aspect of an MMO I personally feel is somewhat lacking in the game which is group content. After doing 2x Chaos, 2x Guardians (daily) and the weekly abyssals there aren’t really any content that gathers your guildmates or friends together to play content together. I feel like there’s a lot of solo content going on and I enjoy it of course but I would like some more group content.

With that said here comes my feedback on the upcoming PVP season:
With a somewhat lacking group content in terms of being locked out of abyssals and chaos+guardians only being twice a day( which in all honesty you could remove or reduce items/gold gained for re-doing the dungeons) I feel that the path chosen for PVP competitive was a weird one.

It would’ve been great to at least be able to run competitive PVP with your friends when the game is lacking group content as it is now. Am quite sure I am not the only one feeling it this way, as solo queue in PVP can be quite boring and in some cases quite toxic as well.

I would love to be able to run competitive PVP with friends or guildies for the fun of it, and not solo queue and do yet another solo content run that already exists quite fairly in the game.

Like not having a shared rating but rather two leaderboards one for solo queue and one for team/flex queue would be real great and add even more to the competitive season all-around.

Would be great with an answer on what the team’s thoughts around this is, if there’ll be a competitive addition for those who wants to do PVP together and not alone, and what the thought process around the steps towards the choice of solo queue being the only thing giving you points or access to pvp competitive is. ( @Roxx )

Other than that I hope everyone is having a great day!


Ima bump this in hope of a response from the team

There is normal queue that will also drops honor if you really want to group queue.

Group ranked would either require a new queue (which makes all PVP queues even longer by diluting the population more)or a mixed queue (which is unfair to solo players), this modality also allows for elo boosting services which are a terrible thing for any competitive mode.

I do also enjoy playing with my friends, but I don’t thing in a competitive ranked that will be healthy for the game.

Even games that allow duo queue limit it to solo only on higher elos due to the unfairness it brings