Update delayed...?

Why was the update delayed?


April update on April 28th? Haha in the last three days of the month :slight_smile:



Has to have been delayed because otherwise they wouldve cycled the login rewards for the month but instead we get a 7 day extension of the existing one.

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I don’t see anything, care to share links?

“South Vern will come one month after Argos”. “South Vern will release as planned”…

“South Vern is delayed” lol this is hilarious

We’re going over a month with zero content for a game that has years of content while being told we’d beg for them to “slow it down”. This really is funny at this point.


update meme. amazon is being stupid with us.
Regulus, battle item, phenix… MEME

we want the new class. we want new content. we want something that gives us hope from the future and ambitious content that exists in the game.

amazon is lost. and this is costing us players a lot

Theres no words to describe whats happening any more. Just buckle up and enjoy the wild ride i guess

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stop crying

There was never a set date, you can’t delay things if you haven’t marked the calendar.

Just another week of the same but this time there is daily gifts. I’ll happily take the fusion materials.

Mats won’t go away, just another week or two to keep saving mats.

Exactly this game is not supposed to have lack of content as an issue.
Yet here we are…
Everything gets delayed from people whining and then we can’t even get non-major content updates like South Vern or class or you know QUALITY OF LIFE updates that already exist in the game.
How hard is it for them to GIVE US SOMETHING.
Why are we only getting updates once a month too?
Can’t throw in some QoL update here some QoL update there, South Vern here, skin there, Class here, QoL there…
This is abysmal.
Why can’t they at least give us dates on stuff…


Is not delayed if they don’t say anything, because that’s good marketing.

Also imagine these changes are for Ark Pass therefore delay the entire update…




Posted this in another thread, but sharing here as well.

We planned to share this ahead of this week’s maintenance much earlier on, however in working through update builds it was discovered that additional changes and fixes were needed and these plans had to shift. We are now planning on sharing that date as soon as possible, when we are confident in the build we have.

I apologize for the confusion around this weeks update, as this very much has all been happening in real time. In the future, we are seeking ways to provide more information to players like the above so that you can feel in the loop, even if we are still working through things internally."

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Giving an update on the update in a few days by the way.
From April 7th. DESPAIR



speculate away, heh.

(we are going to do a little bit of excitement marketing around this upcoming content update, so I don’t want to just spoil that here in the forums… but we’ll have that release date shared in the next few working days and I will be sure to be loud about that information here when it happens)

Can’t be delayed if they aren’t planning anything but how to milk whales for longer. They announced a new class and content then got everyone hyped just before an update day. Then, like idiots, were surprised pikachu face when the community gets upset over lack of transparency on a set release date for their content. Content we know is released in two other regions globally that’s already been out for years now. I get there’s specific issues with releasing things to the western regions, but hot damn it always seems like it’s been leaning toward pushing harder for more money while dangling a carrot of new content just out of reach.

Even in game issues like resource droughts would be resolved more and more if they’d just release the systems that were made to prevent it. But instead, their schedule seems to be just a matter of extending time periods for as long as possible, blaming player progression (of which is heavily throttled by lack of resources, even now), then saying they’re new content just on the horizon by saying the month they intend to release it… then they basically show that it’s coming at the very end of the month and might as well be labeled as the next month’s content release.

All the upset about South Vern and Lance Master (now dubbed Glaivier in the west) could have been resolved if they even just said “we’re shooting for end of April, or early May.” and so much less drama would have happened.


It wasn’t delayed, it was due april and its still due april.

You mean all the people speculating when the update would drop were wrong??? no way people are never wrong on the internet

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Most MMOs dub their updates “Month update” and release the content at the start or middle of that month… not really 3 days before the end of the month or something like that, without stating “end of month.”

first they complained the update is too fast.
then they slow down now everyone is complaining update is too slow.


Nice strawman!

well, let’s hope we at least get new Naruni rewards next week if not new event.

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