Update for EUW?

I think it’s about time we get an update on the current solution for EUW from AGS, even with the ongoing Bot and RMT issues and no, I don’t need Moonkeep/Punika people in here telling me EUW is fine. It clearly is not.

Some of the EUW servers cant even do island events, thanks to the small population and we need to make special (discord) groups or spam the area chat for 20 minutes in order to get players together. Lets also not forget the sheer difference between our market and currency exchange vs EUC. Heck even the queue for a T2 Guardians takes several minutes by now and it will always be for the Turtle, as no one wants to do the other guardians anymore.

Is it that hard for @Roxx @Shadow_Fox or @Maselbart to periodically drop an update on the current solution? Or is AGS still observing? I could rant in here for several hours, but I just want to draw some attention to this, please do not delay this much longer, people are unhappy, people are quitting, and EUW didn’t get better over the past weeks, except you start counting bots as players.


dont know who told you that Punika is fine but when i see the result of our capture events for Medeia (250 people participated), i guess its very dellusional to say the server is fine.

There is always someone coming into these threads saying EUW is fine, just because their server has ongoing players. Iam just done with this. Also Medeia, look at our activity:


There is no update needed, seriously… EUW is and never was more than a scapegoat for the queue drama after launch. There is no big plan to help EUW or any possibility you will get one in 6 months or less. koreans don’t have/need char transfers. The ones they do are done by hand and even if AMG would hire someone to do char transfers you probably only could change between EUW servers, cause there is no implementation for cross realm server trans.

They built EUW up to take some stress of EUC and slowly let it die afterwards. That was plainly visible since min 1 and many of us who stayed, mentioned it whenever EUW was opened.

Atleast we don’t have to queue lol

It doesn’t matter if it was a scapegoat or not. Players are on these servers now and content can’t be run except you go the extra mile and not everyone reads the forum, some people moved because of friends and other reasons. It literally does no matter. The problem exists now and AGS needs to find a solution, and that hopefully quicker than 6 months.

leave my region alone. we doing just fine. go change your region if youre feeling lonely like a puppey in tears.

that being said, the only thing i would maybe complain is the market. besides that theres always ppl in my server doing the activities.

The gold exchange is working as intended, people are actually swiping legitimately in euw unlike other regions. hence the more gold you can get for your royal crystals. BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BUYING GOLD LEGIMITELY and its finally worth using real money on the actual ingame shop.

I enjoy the peace and quiet of my region, kindly piss off.

Theres a few bots here and there but nothing too crazy. mostly North vern and some islands but thats it.

Who says Punika is fine? LUL

Prime time, Feiton Chaos Gate, my ALT doint it for Express event.
And only because we were 5 full/overgeared we could Clear it. I had several trys which failed because of Lack of Users.

And yeah Market is a Hell. Players so “just get 3x4 , dont save your pheons you cheap”
Me goes to Market , 3/3 Rings i need starting 2500gold, and 8 are available in Total xDDDDDD

AGS needs to Save us, but they just put their hands in their Face and say “What? I dont see a Problem”.


Why would you want to run Low level Chaos gates though… Nothing of worth to get there.

You are free to leave. We already know that Server merges are not going to happen

Ouch. Way to swing at your fellow adventurers.

Reading is not your best Skill i guess?

So usually there should be many alts doing this, and if had an char on EUC and i would go at the same Time frame, im very sure i would see more then 5 ppls join it.

No, i just remember AGS again and again, they made this Situation, they have to work on it.

EUW is at this point, a completely abandoned region. Community managers are not even responding to EUW threads at all anymore.

Edit: EUW prayers have been heard, lets hope for the best.

<3 @Roxx


We’re working on plans to alleviate these pains in the Europe West region; there is active development taking place to make sure we have transitions that are as smooth as possible, and once those details shake out we’ll communicate them


Ty Roxx. Today I waited 10 mins for the first Punika chaosdungeon (fresh T3) … for T1 and T2 Content 10min wait time is the minimum …

solo chaos dungeons

Yeah at this point a merge will do nothing, its a region population issue. Hopefully they are trying to work out a total region merge with EUC.


Please transfer them to EUC Inanna :smiley:

Region merge or at least matchmaking and AH merge is what we need :wink:

I refuse with a support bard :smiley:

I’m a support bard, bad excuse, just make a DPS build you don’t need anything other than the right talents.