Update to disconnect issues thread - If they want em spam your screenshots

Lets see all your screenshots of disconnects spread out across the billion threads going on about it

Don’t forget to also visit the official megathread:

Char: Redrowen
Server: NA-E Elozwin
Error: W0x9
Where: Smashing a blob on drumbeat.


Logging into the game this morning, about 5 minutes in.

Oh yeah, they definitely need this information because they dont have it already, and there definitely are specific actions that causes disconnections. Thanks for the hard work.

Providing this information will not help. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Not even their guaranteed fixes work. Imagine the POTENTIAL ones like this one…

I mean how do they not have this information about us after 3 weeks and 5000 threads with pictures :rofl:

its called of the art of pretending to know what youre doing but you have no clue what youre doing

Fake it till you make it!

Username of Char: Nahnine
Server: EUC/Asta
Activity: After finishing Guardian Raid (was not able to collect due to disconnect)

3 people in this Argos just disconnected.

2 Regulas 1 Elozwin

All 3 confirmed G9x0 on return.

Curious if anyone has done any trace routes to the servers IP. Could be a TTL issue.

What worked for me in fixing the issue was using a static ip, dhcp seems to sometimes random ping spike by a huge amount then dc. and disabling ipv6
Then restart.

Support from Amazon didn’t help at all of course. Gave the same copy paste answers.

I’m static and still get dropped. Don’t think its an end user issue as this problem is too broad. gotta be something in between us and them.

Just curious…did AWS suggest turning off IPv6 or was that just something you did on your own?

Also, setting a static IP is for internal networks. your external IP is set by your ISP for the length of the IP lease…so setting a static IP for an internal network is not going to effect your connection to the outside. once you leave your home network, youre no longer 192.168.xxx.xxx on a subnet of or whatever your subnet may be

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On my own aws didn’t suggest it. Some community manager might have said it as well though. I remember reading it on the forum .ttl does seem likely. But I also heard that eac is super trigger happy and closes off the connection even if one packet is dropped.

yea, thats why im curious if anyone did any trace routes and count the hops it takes to the server. if any of the middle hops go down, its gotta re-route and could possibly force the TTL to 0 if it cant find a suitable route. just throwing ideas out there. they obviously dont know whats causing it lol

6 people got disconnect, me included


Just walking through town.

Currently trying restarting the Easy Anti Cheat Service in windows Services after a repair to EAC to all EAC games. Will update if issue is still happening or if issue is presumed resolved.