Update to disconnect issues thread - If they want em spam your screenshots

Chaos refund when?

This issue is on their end.

Sure… someone logged in and launched game passing my Steam Guard and not logging me out
whole day is like that with multiple people on discord at the same time

This has been the situation for 3 weeks. They won’t fix anything because they are handless. Time to get used to it I guess.


NA - W Enviska
3rd DC tonight…in 45 mins…

its fine guys, the next potential fix might be it


Still happening

3 hours and no disconnect so far

That was my first since the latest announcement, so not at bad at least

no issues for the time i was playing, like 5 hours and no disconnects. went afk and came back to same disconnect error

Talk about Sadge

NA east Galatar just as i logged on this morning

IGN Anchorlight Azena
I lost 3 Cube Tickets for the amount of times I’ve dc’d today. I honestly feel restricted from doing anything that isn’t in town.

i like this new legion raid, but i am afraid i cannot clear it

i know this picture. This must be ASTA …!

Everyone on ASTA finished buying the overpriced turkey box so they decided it was time to shut it down

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You are correct lol

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Char: Evadyne
Server: NA-E Ladon
Error: W0x9-SPELP
Where: Dimension Cube - Lost ticket
When- Just now

Char: Kapheria
Server: NA-E Ladon
Error: W0x9-SPELP
Where: Chaos Dungeon - Lost aura
When - Tuesdayish?

Char: Corallia
Server: NA-E Ladon
Error: W0x9-SPELP
Where: Argos - was able to return though most the raid DCed as well.
When - Earlier in the week on MON 11/21

Incidents happened a few days between each other. Two things noticed. If able to get back in right away the loading messaging appears distorted and blurred permanently stuck in the bottom corner and you are unable to interact with anything. Second, if you close the game completely and relaunch the game gets super laggy and then rubber bands to catch up; if not lucky enough for it to sort itself out you get a repeat SPELP error

Also NO its not my net! First thing we troubleshot!