Update to the Express Mission Event

Heroes of Arkesia,

We wanted to give a quick update on the Express Mission Event. We have seen the confusion and frustration from players that have started the event on a character that would not benefit as much as a different character on their roster. We wanted to confirm that we are actively working with Smilegate to help alleviate this as well as improve the communication surrounding the event in game.

During our weekly maintenance this Thursday, we will be updating the event to implement a “character change” feature. This feature will allow players to change their designated event character one time in order to make a more informed decision about what character they would like to claim Express Mission Event rewards on. Additionally, only level 50 characters with an item level under 1100 will be able to be designated as an Express Mission Event character.

Please note that if you have already used the honing benefit provided by the event on any T1 or T2 gear pieces, you will not be able to change your Express Mission Event character. After the update, a notification will be displayed the first time you attempt to hone a T1 or T2 gear piece on your Express Mission Event character to alert you that you will be unable to change your selected character if you continue with the honing attempt. Players that have only honed T3 gear on their Express Mission Event character are exempt from this, and can select a new express event character if desired.

If you decide to change Express Mission Event characters and have already claimed some of the event rewards, please note that you will not be able to claim them again on the new character (i.e., you will not be able to earn double rewards). As the Express Mission Event rewards are character bound, if you think you would like to change your designated character, it is recommended that you do not claim any rewards until this update goes live on Thursday and you can make the switch.

Additionally, Engraving Selection Chests earned through the Express Mission Event will be updated to contain all recipe selection options. This update will also apply to chests that you have already earned from the event, so if you have them in your inventory or storage but haven’t opened them yet, hang on until the update!

We hope these changes help you take full advantage of the Express Mission Event as you journey to T3!

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