Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts

Heroes of Arkesia,

We know how frustrating it is for players to be locked out of timed or ticketed activities when a game server unexpectedly crashes or loses stability. As a few players may have already seen, in an effort to help improve these less than ideal experiences we now have a system in place that will re-grant access to activities in-game that have weekly lockout timers, utilize tickets, or consume a daily bonus (Aura of Resonance) when a game server crash or outage occurs during player participation.

Please keep in mind that the current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects. Additionally, receiving your replacement weekly entry may not be immediate — delivery could take up to a day, and the appropriate ticket will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives.

We hope this system helps improve players’ experiences with the game!

Server error during Daily chaos dungeon
Twice ive lost out on argos loot
Argos phase 3 entry lost due to DC
Argos disconnection
Game always crash at argos reward loading scene
Valtan DC no refund ticket
Abby Raid was ejected from the game and did not give the prize.
DC at end of Abyss Dungeon(hard mode)
Valtan - Entry Count Exceeded
I missed my weekly abyss raid entry and it wasn't my fault
Game Crashed as soon as I started Chaos dungeon
EUC servers down?
Lost of vykas entry
Disconect inside weekly content
Weekly Abyss Dungeon ticket refund since server outage
Argos Phase 3 disconnect
EU Central Servers Down. Raid Penalty
Crashed and unable to reenter Valtan Gate 2
We need an English CM to comment on the Valtan Entry loss
Guardian soul claim = disconnect = LOST RESTED
Losing Boss rush ticket FIX THIS AND GIVE IT TICKET
Crash + Lost Cube ticket
Locked out of Argos Raid after Forced Disconnection
Did anyone get a compensation ticket for Argos?
NA-West Compensation Wasn't Good Enough
Valton re-entry ticket
Abys Dungeon weakly limit fail
I didn't get a ticket after a crash
Dimensional Cube
EU Maintance time this week? what do you think?
Lost Argos lockout due to unexpected disconnect
Can any dev help
Lockend out on Abiss
Fix "Claiming" Ghost Ships
Sudden DC, no reward after loging back in
P3 Argos Game Discounted
EU Central Crashed?
Game crashed during abyssal dungeon
Vykas server Maintenance Down
Do they give tickets for getting locked out of Ghost Ship?
Game crashed during Valtan P1, locked out without rewards and progress
Loss of "Oreha's Empyrean" after leaving dungeon
Disconnection in vykas raid
Disconnected twice during Argos run rewards lost
Ticketed activity return system broken
Disconnected from server as soon as we completed G2 Vykas, losing the chest
New Patch Connections issue in Oreha's Well
Disconnecting losing 3 cube tickets
Vykas crashed during many peoples argos/dungeon runs
Chaos dungeon entry lost
Weekly entry lost from Vykas server Maintenance
Disconnected during Argos p2 run and lost rewards
Four days and no resolution or communication from support staff regarding my ticket or post
Didn't get loot in Argus P1 due DC
DC on Argos - support said ticket will be mailed within up to 1 day, its been day 3 now
Did not get Argos rewards due to DC despite reconnecting
Lost resonance in chaos gate due to game error
Abyss raids and DC problems
No Rewards and entry gone after disconnect on vykas g3
How lagging lost the 3 cube tickets
Another. D/c. Mid-Argos
Abyss raid error
Abyss raid error
Game Freeze/Crash after first Argos Kill (no Ticket for Re-entry received)
Game crashed while on argos p2
Even if your party stops the raid, you still lose your weekly entry if you dced?
Game crashed in abyssal
D/C'd middle of argos p3 and came back to the boss dead with 0 loot
Argos reward and entry lost by lost connection
Entire Oreha's Lobby Disconnected, no ticket refund
Keep dcd from chaos dungeons
Cube ticket refund, no response from support
Server disconnections, and loss of Argos P1-P3 Nobody helps
Got randomly kicked out of the game and lost my platinum ticket
Disconnected from Valtan raid and lost rewards/ticket
The light went out on my street
Hall of Silence Ticket Refund
Abyssal Dungeon Bug and Support Staff Said NO Compensation
Abyssal Dungeon Bug Weekly Entry Count Exceeded
Crash in cube 2 times in a row
Crash during 1415 Chaos Dungeon Boss Portal
DC'd mid-albion, no rewards and entry locked
Lost entry count!
My character disconnected from abyssal dungeon
No Loot Pickup from Dimensional Cube Mega Lucky Chest
Disconnect in the abyss and did not receive rewards
Lost choas dungeon
Missing Argos reward because of the game crash
Bad luck on Abyss Raid
Argos locked after disconnect
Crashes mid dungeon ? what do i do
Crashed during argos
Fake ags support system
Re-entry ticket valtan - 6.13.2022
Can I get my entry returned?
NA West Mari Server Maintenance and I lose my Valtan Entry
Perdida de entrada abisal
Don't get Abyss Dungeon Ticket after DC
Game Crashed and No Abyss Refund
Entrada a la mazmorra abisal de punika
DC'd just before getting Argos chest rewards
Game took party out of Abyss Dungeon and considers Weekly entry count exceeded
Disconnected from Yorn Server
Didn't get refund ticket after disconnect
Crash during rested chaos dungeon this morning
The game crashed during an Abyssal Dungeon
Abyssal dungeon entry was eaten up
Yet again more maintenance
Entry Count exceeded?
Argos entrance locked
Rewards missing when relog
Another Valtan lockout due to server dc
Abyss Raid Entry Count Exceeded Crash
Disconnected from Valtan due to maintenance
Critical Game Breaking Bug
My game crashed during Valtan and i lost entry
3 days and still no re-entry ticket on sudden maintenance
Valtan DC, did not get a re-entry ticket. NOT during maintenance
I lost connection but didn`t get back my entrance to valtan
There NEEDS to be a warning that maintenance taking down the servers makes you lose your content lockout
Critical Game Breaking Bug
I crashed while doing valtan
Game crashed while doing Chaos Dungeon
Lost entry count on oreha preveza hard
Hard mode entrance gone
Lost connection in abyssal dungeon and didnt get the pass
Argos p3 disconnect issue
Lost entry count to oreha preveza hard
No re-entry ticket and no loot
Bug donjon abyssal pour moi uniquement
Proof that support is completely useless
Game crashed on server side but no Valtan re-entry ticket
Lost Entry on Abyssal Dungeon
Locked out of Valtan after Mari server issues
1340 Abyss dungeon Entry failed but use Entry count?
Locked out of argos with no rewards
My game crashed at the end of my valtan kill no loot or rewards
The way re-entry ticket being issued needs to change
There NEEDS to be a warning that maintenance taking down the servers makes you lose your content lockout
Server crash after valtan kill
Server crash after valtan kill
Why is it supported? because you don't do anything
There NEEDS to be a warning that maintenance taking down the servers makes you lose your content lockout
Game crashed half way Valtan Hard P2. Returned, No Reward
Lost Power And Lost My Entry On Valtan HD
Game crashed entering Chaos Dungeon
We need an English CM to comment on the Valtan Entry loss
Argos P3 - Disconnected during phase 3 and didn't get rewards
DC in argos P1 locked out during rest of the week
We need an English CM to comment on the Valtan Entry loss
QUICK maintenance and lost the entry count
Argos Raid Phase 2 no reward for dc?
I lost entry for valtan hard mode
Game Crash in Hard Mode Valtan and lost my entry
Re-entry ticket for valtan Gate2
Re entry Ticket
My game crashed during Valtan and i lost entry
No re-entry ticket
Disconnection in argos help please
Please check right away to restore my VALTAN count! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!
Disconnected during Challenge Guaridan Levanos
NA West Server crash Valtan Re-entry ticket
Valtan Hard Mode - Unannounced server outage
Loat ark eligibility does not work
Client crash during clear of [Normal] Valtan G2 causes loss of rewards
My game crashed in the first phase, didn’t get a reward, lost my tickets,and couldn’t continue with the second
My game crashed during the legion attack and I can't access it anymore
Lost Argos P3 run
Disconnected Argos
Crash during chaos dungeon
Lost my Argos entry
Still waiting for valtan reentry ticket for May 28 Crash
Did not receive Argos re-entry ticket since Mari NAW crash 05/28
Crashed on abyss dung and lost entry
Bosh Rush after internet crash
Lost Oreha Weekly Entry from game crashing
Aira's Oculus hard Desconection
Se cierra el juego
Game crashed during Chaos dungeon now stuck on black screen
Valtan Weekly Entry
There are still many people missing Valtan re-entry tickets
I disconnected during hard valtan and no re-entry ticket is in my mail
Disconnected during Argos phase 3 - no re-entry ticket when logged back in later
Game crashed during Valtan Gate 1
Disconnected form Valtan Hard and now cant do P2 and didnt get loot from P1
Connection error (input loss)
Valtan - The game is frozen, there is no loot after returning
Disconnected from Argos raid and couldn't get reward
I am furious, they have the logs, but now a technicality?
I am furious, they have the logs, but now a technicality?
Crash used up my Oreha Preveza entry?
I am furious, they have the logs, but now a technicality?
Lost Valtan run from US WEST crash
I am furious, they have the logs, but now a technicality?
Argos Disconnect - Re-entry ticket request
Lost Argos, No Reentry Ticket Yet
Lost gate 2 ticket for valtan
Lost valtan entry due to west servers being down
Hard Valtan Re-Entry Ticket for Gate 2
Valtan Raid Crash
Lost gate 2 ticket to valtan
All of NA crashed as we finished Argos P2
Game Kicked me during boss rush
Was doing the abyssal dungeon oreha preveza and power went out
Crashed during Argos raid
Crash Yesterday during Aira's Hard Mode - No Reentry?
Game kick me from argos and I didnt receive any reward and can't purchase chest
Not receiving argos re-entry ticket yet
Still waiting for valtan hard mode gate 2 re entry ticket
Connectivity issue while in the Chaos Dungeon
Boss rush ticket losts
Valtan Re-entry Ticket
Chaos Dungeon Stuck at Loading Screen
Chaos Dungeon Red Portal Bug/Freezing
Game disconnected me
G0x9-SPELFWP1F2PT error - lost chaos dungeon + rested bonus
Getting disconnected during Chaos Dungeons
Disconnected on Valtan gate 1
Valtan Raid entry weekly exceeded for no reason
Lost my Boss Rush Ticket to Dc
Game crash during argos now locked out
Valtan raid ticket lost and entrance locked out
Boss rush ticket eaten
Valtan entry bug
Cannot re-enter Valtan after this 60s-notice maintenance?
Requesting - Valtan re-entry ticket
Valtan dc and lockout
Need help please, Internet Dc'ed last night. Cant get into Valtan now
fix event entries
Vykas G3 NM Entry Count
Valtan Region Raid During NAE Server Crash
Vykas entry count
Receiving re entry ticket for Valtan after false ban kick 2 days ago
Oreha Preveza re entry ticket
Game Crashed in My first Valtan HM locked out and No loot
Did not receive loot for Valtan hard
No Argos Rewards after power outage
My game crashed before I could open valtan chest
I disconnected during hard valtan Gate 1 and locked out for the week
Maintenance screwed up my chaos gate
Valtan / DCed from maintenance and locked out
Cannot Connect to the server Error is killing this game for me
Game disconnect during Boss Rush, ticket lost
Re-entry tickets for Server maintenance Guidelines Need to be clearer
Game Crush on Gate of Paradise
Lost Oreha Hard Dungeon entry after game failed to load in due to in game tech issues and GOT foobed off by support
PC crashed in Valtan, locked out anyway
60 Second Announcement before Maintenance
Chaos dungeon Aura Of Resonance bug, help
Dc During Valtan raid (Non server issue)
Unexpected Maintenance During Valtan Hard Run
Lost entry to Argos and now Oreha preveza hard mode
System that handles Lockout from Server Interruption/maintenance is broken
Lost connection in ARGOS
Last week's disconnection
Valtan bug door closet
Waiting for re-entry since Thursday
No Argos Rewards after power outage
Oreha Hard entry count exceeded due to a bug
Valtan disconnection
Valtan DC - No refound ticket, no rewards
PC crashing only when playing LOA
DC on Valtan Hard, no rewards, no ticket, gate open, locked entry
Inestabilidad de los servidores en días concretos y pérdida de entradas
Disconnected from Argos P2
Perdí mi entrada a Oreha preveza Hard
Disconnected in the abyssal
Crashed during vykas
Valtan Gates - Locked out of both gates
Valtan HM Crash Bug
Disconnect Argos
Lost argos entry due to double disconect
Oreha server bug/craash
South Vern 1475 Chaos Dungeon -RED ROOM CRASH
Me desconecto en valtan, al regresar no no hay recompensa y no me deja intentar try de nuevo
Crash during 1415 ghostship
Crashed during argos!
Oreha Preveza entry count
Still haven't got Valtan re-entry ticket
Crash - Lost Rewards
I got crashed middle of valtan hm g2 and lost my entry count
Game crashed after opening box
No re-entry ticket for Valtan
Lost entry to valtan
DC at the end of p3 argos
Server issues Aldebaran
Re-entry Ticket for Valtan not obtained in 48 hours wait
EAC Offline Disconnect Argos
Want my Old char back
DC Valtan - I need some help
Cleared Valtan HM no loot and no ticket refund
Re-entry Ticket for Valtan not obtained in 48 hours wait
DC after loading into any group dungeons
Valtan / DCed from maintenance and locked out
After internet DC, i lost rewards from my Argos P3 and got entry count exceeded
My game crashed before we finished Argos p1
Abyssal Dungeon dc’ed
Oreha Preveza (Hard)
Random disconnects and losing guardian souls
Argos p3 dc no compensation
Issue for Oreha Preveza Hard
Server disconnect/ game crash
Stuck between P1 and P2 Valtan
Didn't get any of the rewards in Valtan Gate 2
Legion Raid Vykas Entry
Support Help Valtan Gate 1 Need the reentry ticket
I can’t play biackiss!!!!Help!!
Lost my valtan entry ticket today, i am sad and dismotivated
I lost my Aira's Oculus run
Lost entry count from DC - Vykas gate 3
As i finish valtan the game crashed
Game freeze + disconnected during VALTAN HM
I got locked out from Vykas after get dced from game
DC during Argos Raid
Valtan HM Disconnect
Disconnected from server amid valtan hard G2 fight
Valtan HM disconnected
Lost entry for valtan gate 2
Lost Valtan entry ticket during raid
Finished G2 Vykas, party disbanded, tried to enter G3 to this
Entry lost for Oreha Dungeon
Lost run after game crashed
Hard Oreha Prevaza entry count consumed
Couldn't get valtan gate 2 loot
Demon Beast Commander Valtan Hard reward bug
Valtan HM Disconnect
[BUG] Valtan DC - No re-entry ticket
Game crashed while raiding (Argos)
I need to help developers. It's urgent
Valtan Hard Lockout and get rewards
Valtan Entry Count
Disconnected during ghost ship
Disconect in caos dun
I still haven't got the ticket
Lost entry count for Vykas Gate 3
Disconnection doing vyakis hard
Lost Boss rush ticket - game crash
A week wasted because of a glitch?
Dc's since last week
Disconnected from Phrase 3 Vykas with no re-entry
Where is my Entry Ticket?
Oreha Preveza[Normal] Entry Count
Locked out for the week Valtan
Continuously Disconnected
Vykas Entry lost while in the raid with guild- By changing characters
Vykas Lockout. Why is this a thing?
Losing entry for Legion raids due to game crash shouldn't be possible
Argos Raid- [Request] Re Entry Ticket
Game Crashed mi Abyss Raid
Disconnect at the end of Vykas P3, No rewards on reconnect
No ticket after dc
Vykas weekly entry exceeded after disconnecting
Oreha prevaza glitched out and consumed entry
Game Crashed During Vykas Normal
Weekly entry for Vykas g2-3 bugged after disconnecting in gate2
Lost entry for Vykas
Vykas g2 crash losing loot and entry, cannot join raid anymore
Disconnect Valtan Bug
I lost again a chaos dungeon entry
Disconnected during Argos, logged back in and couldn't claim bonus chest or receive reward
Cant enter vykas gate 3 after beating 1 and 2?
Disconnected and Lost Vykas G3 Rewards
Vykas gate normal 3 need a redo ticket
Oreha Preveza Hard Mode Locked Out
EAC OFFLINE ERROR got disconnected during a VALTAN RUN , no reentry tickets
Dc during vykas g1, cant re-enter g1, g2 or g3
[NEED CM RESPONSE] If you crash in dungeon VYKAS/VALTAN you LOSE your weekly run!
Crashes on Vykas
Locked out of Valtan Gate 2
More than 48h passed and still no ticket for my Vykas raid
Cannot connect to server. EAC Offline [Affected all NA West after maint]
Lost Valtan enterance DC
I lost my vykas entry count
Vykas Entry Count Lost After Quit
Weekly entry count used
Got my entry lost in Alaric's Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon due to computer problems
Disconnected during Valtan run
Chaos dungeon DC
Got disconnected during Valtan hard
No re-entry ticket for Argos P3 - No Loot/Gold Gained because of DC/Crash
Is it possible to get Argos re-entry ticket after i got disconnected
Challenge Abbyssal Dungeon entrance issue
EAC Error when doing Argos
DC'd during Chaos Dungeon due to Mari's Shop Maintenance
Game crashed in valtan, reloaded into the area still but unable to claim any of the rewards
Vykas completition bug no rewards?
Abyss bug count not entering
Lost gold and itens drops in Valtan Boss crashed game
Oreha's well entry bug
Disconected during valtan W0x error
Every day it's harder to play
Every day it's harder to play
Missing Argos reward
Valtan lockout and re-entry ticket
Valtan lockout and re-entry ticket
No rewards - no ticket for dc
I disconnected middle of valtan G1 and lost my entry count
Lost challenge guardian run due to crash
Lost Vykas entry due to a disconnect
Has anyone actually gotten a ticket back from disconnecting?
EAC Offline costing weekly entry to Gate 2 Valtan
Where i get support for this?
Lockout of argos due to game crash
Weekly entry count used after Game crashing
Game crashed during Valtan G1
Vykas P3 se me crashea y no obtengo recompensas
Opening Roster Information in chaos gate freezes the game
99% loading steam
Valtan count server kicked me
Disconnect during Valtan run
Game crashed at end of Guardian Raid
EAC error during a Cube
Please help - bug on groups
Lost Legion entry count
My computed turned off at the end of an Argos run
Game disconnecting me and eating my entry for Vykas
Lost entry count for Vykas
Losing another entry ticket because i was the only one that loaded
Locked on Vykas gate 3
Game freezing + I lost my entry
G09x Lost Entry Vykas Hard Gate 1
Valtan Reentry ticket
Game freez on Vykas Gate 1
Locked out of Vykas after game crashing while Gate 1 boss was being finished off
HValton re-entry ticket
The game crashed in argos
Can not enter vykas gate2
Valtan weekly count exceeded
Gate 2 Normal Valtan
Lags and Stutter followed by disconnect (updated and unsolved issue)
Character Bugged not able to enter Gate 2
Vykas Reward and entry gone
Discconected mid-argos - Lost entry and rewards
Lost Aira's oculus Hard entrance
DC on Valtan gate 2
Error 105 after Tranquil Karkosa 2nd boss cutscene, used my weekly enter
Ohera well hard mode bug
Disconnection issues
Argos count server kicked me
Game crashed during secret dungeon, lost all loot
Oreha Preveza failed to load and ate my weekly attempt
Challenge abyssals
Disconnected during Valtan Gate 1 and got no rewards
Chaos Rift crash
Oreha Preveza Hard mode, bug
SA Server crash, and i Losses Entry
Crashed on entering adventure island
Argos entry consumed on my char
Dc'ed from vykas but no ticket
I DC'ed minutes before clearing valtan hard mode
Lost my Valtan G2 attempt bcs of disconnect
ECD crash during challenge raid Tytanos
Re-entry to argos because my game crashed with error message
Please Help! Weekly entry
Party Finder Bug - Not Entering Dungeon
Vykas crash in G1 ruin my entry for G2 and G3
Lost entry and loot argos
The game kicked me from raid now locked out
No re-entry ticket for Argos P3 - No Loot/Gold Gained because of DC/Crash
Got d/c while doing vykas g3, can't reenter
Ingame time vs twitted
Locked out of Argos because of server restart
Entry ticket lock out vykas gate 1
Chaos dungeon crash? aura refund? maybe?
EAC Offline DC lost Valtan Entry
EUW server reset took valtan entrance
Disconnect in Vykas HM G2
Game crashed P3 Argos and I can't get back in/didn't get rewards
Lost Valtan entry during server reboot
Vykas entry lost after restart
Got disconnected during Valtan phase 1, no ticket
My game crashed at gate 1 Vykas and can't access any of the gates anymore
Hard Oreha Entry Taken
Vykas gate 3 reward lost due to D/C
EAC During HMVykas run
Game crashed /Connection lost - Challenge Guardian No Loot
Game terminates without any error message
Hardmode Valtan entry lost after DC
Lost entry Valtan hardmode due to disconnection
Disconnected in Valtan Ghostphase, lost entry and rewards
Disconnected during challenge guardian raid
Still no ID back
No Rewards from Argos
No ticket [Regulus-Drawcards]
Valtan entry lost after restart
Disconnected in Valtan G2 - no rewards
Lost my argos on my alt
Problems with Super Express Pass, Pls Help
Disconnected in Argos P3
Got DC'd during vykas and did not get Re-entry ticket
Got DC'ed during Alaric on my express pass character - wasted entry
No longer able to do Argos raid
DC on valtan gate one, can't re-do gate one and can't proceed to gate 2
Hi ags, I got locked out of gate2 on vykas normal and yet to receive the ticket for re-entry. help pls
DC on Valtan gate 2
EAC Crash during vykas, no re-entrance ticket
Desconeccion en Raid de valtan y no me deja volver a entrar
I repost because get hidden by inappropriate
So what's the plan for when entry tickets are lost to the current EAC error?
Valtan gate 1 crashed
Server crash during abyssal dungeon
Valtan Disconnected problem
Abyssal dungeon ticket lost due to internet disconnection
Lost entry to Valtan gate 2
My power went out due to a storm in the middle of Orehas Preveza hard mode
Re-entry Ticket - Pure incompetence
Disconnect in Argos
Ticket haven't been sent since I disconnected in Vykas
Constant disconnecting after latest update
DC on Valtan gate 2
Lost Entry Vykas
Super express mission assistance
Vykas no me dio recompensa
Locked out of Valtan, please help
Just lost Argos run
I got disconnected at Argos P3 and I didnt receive any rewards when my team finished the game
No rewards from G3 Vykas
Oreha Preveza Entry count issues
Chaos dungeon help
My vykas gate got lock out for game crash
Got dc and lossed the rewards in valtan
Conteo Puerta 2 y 3 Vykas
Cant get reward when finish argos because of DC and lost ticket
Orehas Well entry counte
Power Outage while doing Abyss Raid - Argos
Game crashing at finishing raid
Vykas locked out need help
I didnt get any ticket for vykas gate 3
Disconnected during abyss dungeon
Legion raid count Used up
Lost entry due to entry count -Vykas
DCed when zoning a gold map (1415)
Game crashing at finishing raid
Please fix it how raid and other instance entries are consumed this is really bas
Lost Abyssal dungeon entry bug
DC from Vykas hard but no ticket
Problema en juego
Party Finder Bug - Unable to complete Abyssal Dungeon
Entry count exceeded
Help: my Valtan crashed, and no ticket to restore my entry count
Argos ticket? need 15 chars
High ping w/ raid groups. Cannot connect to server. Exiting the game
Boss Rush T3 - Disconnect - Entrance Ticket Lost
Vykas G2 entry count glitch
Oreha bug lost entry of phase 1
Game crash on Oreha's Well
Aira's Oculus Hard Party Finder Bug
Disconect vykas hard p3
Power Outage - Argos Run
Gunlancer crashing during raids
EAC Error - Weekly Entry Count Exceeded
Legion entry consumed bug
Disconnect during vykas normal gate 1
Lost Argus Entry Count from Disconnect
[bug] this feels really inefficient typing this into a forum, but I got some kind of EAC error in the middle of hall of the sun, forcing me to exit the game and lose my ticket
No re-entry ticket after party bugged
Valtan dc and lost entrance, need ticket for gate 2
No re-entry ticket after Aria's oculus
Got DC when doing P3 argos and lost all the reward and the entry ticket
Chaos dungeon problems (crash and daily entry lost)
Ticket System after Entry Count exceeded
Valtan Disconnect / Crash - Lost Entry Counts
Re-entry ticket Aira's oculus
Got disconnected with error while doing Vykas G1 NM but no ticket refund
Vykas Missing Entry
Disconnected during Vykas
Power Outage while doing Abyss Raid - Argos
DC during Argos DC
Crash middle a valtan
No me dieron otro entrada a valtan
Locked out of Vykas gate 3
Lost entry count to argos
Adventure Island disconnect and now no rewards?!
Can't enter Argos raid after reset
Lost entry to weekly abyss dungeon
Disconnection during cube run
My abysall dungeon got bugged and entry removed
Disconnect at the end of Valtan
I got DC on Vykas Hard and didn't get any re-entry ticket
Take Argos entry for DC without any rewards!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Chaos dungeons bugged, no support response
Argos phase 3 server disconnect
Server kicking me out when gardian defeated
I got DC and still dont have any re-entry ticket
Locked out on Challenge Abyssal Dungeon
Can't continue my valtan progress for this week?
Argos entry count
NA Valtan lost legendary map from server DC
Constant disconnection, bug or feature?
Disconnect from the game lost my chaos dugeon chance
Lost my Argos lockout can a mod plz take a look
Disconnection and Lost of rewards
Failed dungeon queues can lock you out
Same server issue 2 times in an hour [G0x9-SPELPWP1P2Pt]
DC on valtan gate one, can’t re-do gate one and can’t proceed to gate 2
DC on valtan gate one, can’t re-do gate one and can’t proceed to gate 2
EAC Offline error - lost entry ticket
Thanks AGS for this on every contend!
Legion Raid entrance bug
Got disconnected while doing Vykas
Got DC in the middle of Abyssal Dungeon
Abyssal dungeon entry lost due to server maint
Weekly Abyss Dungeon ticket refund due to EUC server crashed/loses stability
Game crashed, lost my Aira's Oculus entry!
Lost Ticket in Abyss Dungeon
The dungeon bug took my entry
Argos lost Entry due to DC
No me otorgo recompensas de Valtan Normal
Oreha Hard {Aira's Oculus} ENTRY BUG STILL NOT FIXED?e
"Server will shut down in 30sec" Now I'm locked out of G3
Game Crashed, Argos Entry gone
Disconnected from t3 boss rush
Valtan Entry Count bug
Oreha hard mode entry lost
Oreha [Hard] Bug Locked Oute
Vykas Lost Entry Count
Vykas Hard Entry lost Gate 1
Oreha's Well Hard Mode Entry Gone
No re-entry ticket after server reboot yesterday (27h+ ago)
Game disconnected lost my entry
Vykas Lost Entry Count help
Got disconnected while doing Vykas ,can not enter it when logged back
Got disconnected while doing Valtan(Hard)
Game disconnected EAC Offline error lost my entry
Disconnected during Vykas run and lost my entry
Game crashed, lost loot and entry?
Valtan end cutscene crash
Aira's Oculus Entry Consumed
Argos entry count 2
Lost connection to server
Chaos dungeon disconnect
Valtan server issue - locked out of P3 argos edit: more than Argos now after 02:00 emergency maintenance another server issue occured at 05:00pst costing guild run all weekly entry to oreha
Game crashed on argos and i lost the reward
Lost loot during Argos on yesterdays crash
Can we please get a follow-up on the re-entry ticket system as Vykas comes out?
Valtan entry count exceeded
Argos Raid Counted after getting DC
Losing connection during Argos
Aira Occulus bug
Disconnected and lost weekly entry
Anyone else not able to connect to thirain?
[Megathread][Server Lag] Does your server lags? Post here!
NAE Maintenance while was in Valtan gate 1
Still waiting for valtan reentry ticket for May 28 Crash
Crash during abyss dungeon
EUC servers all off-line?
[Megathread][Server Lag] Does your server lags? Post here!
Servers down for some reason?
[Megathread][Server Lag] Does your server lags? Post here!
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