Updates and maintenance times

The maintenance times make perfect sense for NA; they happen at night when the least amount of players are expected to be playing. Having maintenance happen in EU simultaneously is completely outrageous. How come EU always feels like an afterthought whilst NA are being spoiled with less server problems and better maintenance times. It can’t be too hard to offset the EU maintenance by just a couple of hours at the very least.


They dont care enough.

I guess there aren’t enough whales in Europe

Yall need more whales!

What MMOs have different downtimes, for each region, when they release a new patch? Not random maintenance, but a new patch?

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It’s 2PM in EU though. People are grinding at work

World of warcraft still does that to this day.

NA gets done in the night on Tuesday and EU gets done early morning on Wednesday.

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that is because in EU noone goes to the lawyer when they can not play a game where they spend money, that is different from NA. and we have whales, we have a lot of whales in eu also.

Lots of whales in EU. as well as 70% of the playerbase playing in EU

But what about us NEETs?

neets can wake up at 1am then. idk why you would be willing to see the daylight

AGS can’t manage to make maintenance per region, they must do all at same time.
So keep up with it

Hello from Hong Kong here lol, what am I doing with my evening when I cannot even go out for dinner

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Wow still does it, and it’s hated by the community for actual raid and content releases.

Consume media and be happy.

Are you so lazy to check the forum. There are already 2 other topics for same today.

No it isn’t, the only people who complain about the reset times are the neckbeards pushing for world firsts in EU against the neckbeards in NA who get the patch 8 hours before them.

Tbh.this topic comes up every maintenence and one day people will understand that the time for EU isn’t even that bad.
Most people are at work. It’s really not bad.

Sooo… they do it the same way.

Not true. Every major patch there’s whining about it. It’s really really bad to have a different update schedule where 1 part of the world has the content 16h before. It leads to so many posts each time, not only from race to world first people.