Updates and maintenance times

That’s not the same way at all. The 2 are completely independant of each other. NA gets done 5am- 11am PST and EU gets the exact same times but on a Wednesday, they are hours apart.

Who’s complaining about someone getting access to a balance change 1 day before someone else when they can’t even play together? nobody except the neckbeards racing through the content against the other region.

Not gonna discuss this with you. Its easy to Google and find many complain posts of people that are upset that EU gets the patch (a day) later. Not only from raiders but from all kinds of people. Idk why u would defend Blizzard there.

Also I like AGS schedule. Starting the maintenence in the morning hours of EU and being done before most of the working folk is home, is actually a good time frame and solution.

I don’t think any player in their right mind would agree that having the game go down until 3pm was a ‘good’ time to do maintenance, but it suits you so you won’t agree.

Personally I am at work today but i’ve also been on the other side of the fence with a day off and LA decides to patch all day essentially making my day off pointless.

In the letter we released with Smilegate RPG last week, we communicated some upcoming adjustments to honing materials, new events, and the start of Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1. These all arrive in this week’s update, releasing on March 24! Downtime will begin at 12AM PT (7AM UTC) on March 24, with an expected downtime of 8 hours

How can you read this statement and honestly say that NA and EU are not being updated at the same time? 12am PT and 7am UTC are exactly the same time. Just different Time Zones.

The logic behind your statement would really interest me.


its been 8 hours wheres our servers

Err what? there are also people like me who can only play from 0-8am and we don’t want to be blocked from game due to maintenance either
Someone has to suck it and it won’t be the people who want to play in the afternoon after work, that’s obvious.
0-8am or 8-16am won’t be much difference, why not make dev’s life easier then

I didn’t say they aren’t being updated at the same time? The whole point of this thread is that they ARE being updated at the same time, and that is the problem.

My mistake. Only after scrolling up and rereading did I realize that you must have been referring to WoW from your earlier reply to someone else.

I was talking about WoW yeah, as an example that they do the updates when it’s most prevalent in both regions, not do one big update globally.

Do you want a refund of the $0 you spent on the game? How about a refund of the time/dollar ratio of your $0 subscription for lost time?