Updates and times

Why do you guys keep doing updates at bad times for EU? I’ve never seen a company in gaming do such a piss poor job on times. It seems like you guys don’t care about EU. Would be nice if you would switch this up sometimes and screw the NA with times for once instead of always screwing EU.


Yeah its a bit of a bother that every Thursday we have maintenance in the day for a few hours, I would rather not piss of both the regions and if possible have maintenance differently for EU and NA, both during night times.

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eu downtimes have a advantage and disadvantage
na downtimes have a advantage and disadvantage

people that have a 9 to 5 job in eu are lucky
people that dont have a 9 to 5 job in eu are unlucky

people that dont have a 9 to 5 job in na are lucky
people that have a 9 to 5 job in na are unlucky

Ofc thats the way every MMO I’ve every played has been for the most part. Don’t know why this company can’t do the same.

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I absolutely agree with this. I think AGS, and Amazon in general, has the financial backbone to actually buy servers and technicians to allow both servers to exist and work independantly.

Litteraly every other studio do it without any issue. So why can’t one of the world’s biggest and most profitable corporation couldn’t ?

It makes me feel like a second rate players. I do not like that, at all.


Im at work like most people so its probably the best time to do maintenence… i dont think it would be worth to dubble the cost of maintenece and take money from development of the game just to make some of you that dont have a job happy…

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Think your forgetting it’s Easter. A lot of people have time off right now. Other wise I would be at work. But even then that’s not the point.

Fortnite. Much bigger than lost ark, doing the same.
League of legends. Same

No other game? Lul

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So you’re basically telling us that because it doesn’t impact you, everyone else can be impacted, isn’t that the definition of selfishness ?

And you’re also assuming that anyone that can play during the day is out of job, I’ll add profiling to selfisness for assuming that. Not everybody have a job’s schedule that correspond to yours, I certaintly don’t.

People like just miss the whole point. :person_facepalming:

Do in Fortnite and League of Legends you have certain events running only in certain times so EU is loosing them and NA got them double ? ( world boss/ chaos gates)

How they get them double in na? :slight_smile: world boss chaos gate are every hour. How do you miss them? Yiu can do them 1 time only.

Do you even play the game? Lmao

Don’t you know that NA can do chaos gate/world boss twice a day since release and they never fixed that?
You could seen that on streams by players playng in NA not once and not twice.
Do you even play that game lol.

Where did you hear that miss information? Are you a flat earth believer?
I always watch na streamers and they are able to do them only 1 time / day

Link me a video :slight_smile: show proof.

If i link you 16h VoD will you watch it fully?

Show proof of your comments or dont spread miss information. You are the only person on all the platforms saying that.

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  • in those 16h vod it could be that thr game reset, like in other regions and that way they could do 2x in one day.

In eu you can do the same.

Don’t even bother talking to him or her. They totally miss the point and make excuses for everything and think they know it all. These type of people remind me of the US government. No matter how many times they F up it’s not there fault it’s the other sides fault. The point of the post was to basically let LA know that there making a mistake by not separation the 2 regions. It’s not that hard. Especially the size and how much money this company makes.

As i said. :slight_smile: after reset :slight_smile: + showing a video with 4k likes without showing the actual footage of doing the stuff he talks about.

Stop believing everything you see on internet and wake up to reality.

Lets say the game reset at 10 AM

You have 2 consecutive days of field boss

You can do one at 9 am then another one at 10 am when it reset.

That counts 2x in a day, right? Exactly what he said in the video. Its possible everywhere ,not just in NA

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