Updates and times

Sure. You saying only LA doing this and other games dont do this, and me pointing that 80% of games do this is missing the point?
Sorry for disturbing your universe in that little cave

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Man just google it there are dozens of those youtube videos and VoDs, but sure live in your small bubble and don’t forget to feed your white horse.

You know that using google is actually not that hard right.

Sure. Keep kiving in your flat earth universe. Have a good day

LoL , you need some help. You can’t read or if you are reading you don’t understand. I never said that LA is the only one. Re read it. And again my point stands and you confirmed it. You think your always right when it’s clear your not. And then when people call you out. You say that’s false or miss information and then call the person is a flat Earther. Basically doing the same thing the US left dose. Im waiting for you to start using race card next.

You : “I’ve never seen a company in gaming do such a piss poor job on times.” When basically every na company does the same
What is that supposed to mean then?

  • you are the same 10-20 persons that post same shit every maintenance. 0.00000001% of player base
    Why you think other 99% of players dont come on forum to complain about it? Because they dont care

There are 168h in a week. 4-8 h given to maintenance. If you cant find anything else to do for 8h in your life, then you are the one who needs help.


You must be a very special slow person. You’re still missing the point. And this post wasn’t made for you and you’re know it all mentality. Don’t need to hear any of you’re opinions that you clearly can’t answer and yet you’re know all attitude thinks you can answer.

The MMO’s I’ve played always had maintenance around 9pm and while annoying, at least I could do dailies and single user stuff.

Lost Ark maintenance? 5pm.

Yeah, they all do it at the same time… No…

Fortnight and LoL are not MMORPG…

Well, i have job during that time, but as working from home i can also play, so i am lucky an unlucky?

Well thats simple, as Amazon Game is NA studio, they will do this during best times for NA, even EU have more player base. We can be angry as much as we want, but we cant change anything, cause in NA they will not work during night ofc.

Can i ask what mmo’s ?

LoL but they are working in nights. I know what youre saying but they shut the severs down at 00.00 thats west coast at night. East Coast would be 0300. Plus this is in the US they work all the time. I know this cuz i was born there. Glad i left but that’s a different story.