Upgrade limit at +20, will we get +25 with this update?


Even tho relic gear has been announced nothing has been mentioned around the honing limit being increased to +25, this will play a huge role in the upcoming GvG release and my guild members are all wondering if it is going to be part of next update as our plans to push alts etc are going to be highly based on this change being made or not.

Could any member of the team share some information regarding this ?

lol how rich do you have to be to push +25 when it’s a complete waste on relic gear. Yes +25 is out with relic gear

Richer than you

In other regions +25 was out before relic gear, you could get +25 on legendary. That’s why this question is relevant

It is not a waste when it comes to GvG having a +25 weapon makes a BIG difference even tho it is not needed for the current PVE content we have.

I didnt think pushing to +25 was possible till you get the legendary gear from the legion raids?

I think the argos gear and the hm oreha gear is +20 cap.

@Roxx how about +25

+25 is not for you my RMT friends. It will be added once normal players can reach this level :*

You know that you could be 1490 two months ago if you swiped enough in the in-game Currency Exchange, right? It gets tiring that people acuse anybody above their item level of RMTing. Yikes.

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It is also more probable that people with 1490 are RMTers because not many people have 20k$ to spend on video game.

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You can be 1490 with less than 1k$ spent at this point in time.

It might be a hard pill to swallow, but if you combine money with time, you cut lots of corners without overusing either of the two.

It is around 40$ for each hone after 1400 and you need like 500 of hone attempts so it is exactly 20k$

even if I’d like to get 1490 from 1450 it is around 6-10k$

Love that you just provide made up random numbers to try to prove a point.

First hand, I’m telling you that you can be 1490 or close to that (1475~) spending less than 1k$. Of course, you have to play the game daily and with several characters. If you refuse to play the game and just do honing like mr. Streamers then sure, it’s going to be more expenseive, since you won’t have bound leaps which are the main pain point.

Having a +20 weapon doesn’t mean you’re 1490 average gs my guy, there are plenty of us that just focused on +20 wep before even pushing 1445 and then slow pushed armor