Upgrade Patch is coming soon so chill now

They is no blame hate or what ever so come all down again. and respect abit more the work from Roxx and CMs. and Stop the Cancel Culture shit…


Cancel culture?

That implies people are actively trying to get people fired. Can’t say i’ve seen any of that.

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Glad to see they’re communicating. Haven’t seen anyone calling to cancel AGS tho so not sure what you mean by that.

Nobody tries to cancel anyone, nobody wants to get anyone fired. We just want our game fixed.
Also i doubt people dont respect the CMs work, atleast those that know what their job involves anyway.

The contact makes the music and that was a lack of goods the last time. Becuase ppl dont understand that the evil Amazon must talk with Smilegate because they(Amazon) can change 0 in the game it must do Smilegate always

We’ll have an update to discuss the path forward

Lol, ok. We just need to wait a few weeks until they schedule a meeting, have some conversations, prepare the changes, test them, schedule a patch and break daylight savings again.

I dont know about you guys. But them saying “soon” is trash. Its not a time frame. They’ve said the roadmap will be soon and its been 3 months. Get a reality check. This isnt being transparent This is them leading us with a fucking carrot, and its something we wont get until it just happens.

This is bad practice. no other way around it.


Imagine thinking that 2 Multi Million Dollar Companies make this big of a mistake.

Holy shit lads, wake the hell up and stop dreaming.

I mean, I’ll put down the riot torch and pitchfork for a while longer with confirmations like that.

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but in the long term run of this game we still have an opportunity to turn all this around and make like it never happened.

So for now, for myself, I’m content waiting.

This is nothing we already didnt know. This is not an update. this is them saying the same thing they’ve been saying for months…

A discussion on how they are treating things forward is useless. Literally on the verge of dropping the game and move to better things.

The fact that they are trying so hard to buy time on such a simple fix implies there is more to it.

Regardless the way the released Argos was deliberate, it was not mistake. They are just buying time to mild whales a bit more. The upcoming honing rates better be buffed af like they went to the gym for the past 15 years.

And no I dont care for their mediocre excuse on how and why they did things the way they did. It was for money. It is obvious af. Very disrespectful.

it has been 6 days since people have been talking about this.
no update on this patch.

all I see is them telling us “wait. we are not done drying money from whales. otherwise we won’t do anything”

empty words mean nothing to me.

they can change guardian numbers but not honing or mats? give me a break. I see you lying threw your teeth.

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Did i just read the word “soon” again?

flagged post.

Ah yes. We are back to the “Stay Tuna” responses they gave before the game came out. We have truly gone full circle now

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Soon means wait another week and see if we surprise you.
If not, rinse and repeat!
Thank you for playing Lost Ark and have a nice day! :smiley:


this is absurd beyond belief. rome is burning & they’re twinkle toeing towards the water buckets, in the wrong direction. smh really?.. ughh

Really? Did you saw what replies give GM’s to players who where innocently banned? Vague replies without even saying a clear reason for ban and at the end they even say that next complains won’t be replied.
That it cancel culture at it’s finest.