Upgrade path for armor

Howdy all. Once I finish the quest that gets me the 305 equipment, is that what I start enhancing? Or do I start doing the dungeons to gear up? If you know of a guide that can help me understand this process of going from T1 into T2 that would be most excellent. Thank you.

Hey whipple, not sure if you’ve found your answer yet but Gear Progression Guide - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg is a great resource for upgrading gear, generally, after you complete up to a certain point in the quest line, you’ll stop seeing the blue world quests (this is around the time you reach Vern). I’d suggest continuing until hitting Vern, then you can start doing your Chaos, Abyss, and Guardian content for crafting materials.

You’ll want to continue upgrading the gear that dropped from Chaos Dungeons and Abyss until you reach 460 item level for the Rohendel questline (check your purple “Guide Quests” in your quest Journal to see that). The same applies to subsequent Tiers.

I had not and that guide is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to respond. If you’re handle is what I think it means, thanks for your service Shipmate.

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