Upgrading Cost and Gold Income


After 1400 ilvl upgrading cost(gold) starts to hurt, i believe that our income is low because of bots, like upgrading mats or any other bot farmable materials are so cheap so we can’t get enough gold
main gold resources are dungeons,argos and una tokens lets say you cant get 7k weekly, with 3 alts maybe 13k. so upgrading from +12 to +13 will take 6 - 7 attempts overall, it means 1.5k gold, so need to spend all gold for attempt, cant buy material or anything so maybe increasing gold reward for unbottable events like argos for example will pump some gold to the system also it will hurt bots too. What do you think about upgrading costs ?

Its fine my gold stack gets bigger every week even tho im upgrading alts along side with my Main…