Ur alt tier list?

Hey there,

I’m a new player, been playing this game for a week and i’ve decided its time for an alt due to the limited stuff i can do on my main at the moment. I’m an zerker main and thinking either a glaivier or a paladin could be an good alt.

What do you think?

Would also apreciate comments about other classes and why. Hope ur having a good day :slight_smile:

for easy gold and a cheap build 3x3 go for pala


A paladin or bard is a good alt, as they’re needed in all the end-game raids. Their chaos dungeon clears are pretty smooth and easy and you’ll be accepted in end-game guardians raids as well as support. So good source of materials.

A Gunlancer is also a good one, as it’s a pretty useful class end-game, however, party-wise, if the party is already at 6/8 finding a party might be hard.

DPS works as you did with your berserker, so I’m assuming you understand how material gathering goes.

P.S. any new class will find it hard to find parties as they’re new so I wouldn’t advise on a new class as an alt straight away unless you already have the resources to level that class well.

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Any support class is probably the best to go for tbh.

  • Insta accepted in 99% of lobbies
  • Really useful, specially starting clown where your team either needs omega buffs or heals
  • A must for Brel raids tbh - without a supp you’re in for a bit of pain.

Shadowhunter and Machinist are two great alts as well.

  • They only need two high-level gems
  • Although accessories can be pricy, they’re easy to get (specially atm)
  • They are really fast at clearing dungeons and raids since they’re skill-spamming (low cds)
  • You’d probably love the playstyle if you enjoy playing berserker :wink:

Glaivier is fun imo. Very versatile on pinnacle build, does good damage, but needs a bit of investment (needs relic set + good gems for high damage, just like most martial artists).

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Rest don’t matter, but if you want to be ‘efficient’ take a look at the legendary book prices and pick a class that has ones on the cheaper side.

Looks like i’ll choose pala, and maybe in the future a shadowhunter. Thx for the explanation on glaivier

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i have 15 alts. i dont really feel that any classes are that well designed and feel GREAT other than Scrapper Taijitsu. that one they really made fun. its my 1450 5x3 alt but i run 1 of the engravings being Spirit absorb for the movement speed. it makes it so much fun. the only lack luster thing about it is the lower damage numbers than shock. but i really dont like how shock plays


I personally LOVE bard but either is what you want

Summoner (Spec - Master Summoner Engraving) - Phoenix go BRRRR in Chaos Dungeon (CD).

I have 13 characters, all 1445 and higher and this is my fastest CD runner.

I only run Guardians with her under rested and I don’t expect speedy finishes for under 1460 iLvl runs.


If you’re set on the Glaivier vs Paladin, I’d advise against Paladin as it can get hella boring unless you like playing supports. Glaivier isn’t exactly winning “fun to play” awards either (it got hyped on release and became an endangered species soon after).

  • Yes, Paladin does have a “DPS” build, but that’s really not something I’d advise to a relatively new player like yourself.

Good luck, have fun, do not burn yourself out. :slight_smile:

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Supports: best choice if you enjoy them, extremely demanded and only need 3 engravings to shine.

Blue Gunlancer: crazy tanky, super armor (cant be pushed) and highest stagger so no need for pots or ww grenades and everyone loves them for their party buffs & utility

Legacy Machinist: very cheap to build (only needs 2 gems) and has big shield up most of the time

Demonic: also needs only 2 gems

Destroyer: also super tanky with a lot of shields and super armor and a lot of stagger/destruction

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Paladin support
Artist(soon) supports

Only alts I recommend supports can build 3x3, very high chance of being accepted into groups at ilvl

You only need to push your character to the minimum ilvl

Supports is s tier for alts and only class I can recommend right now

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Ye ive heard u can burn urself out pretty quick, have just gotten pretty unlycky with zerker trying to cross ilvl 1300 by getting tier 3 from cd, missing hands and they wont drop /:upside_down_face:

is it 1415?

well now u kinda made it harder for me, looked up destroyer looks hella fun, im a fan of the big hammer haha

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i switched my main from gunlancer to destroyer and i’m NEVER going back.
The chargeee and BAMMMMM is sooo satisfying. wooooo

Best alts would be supports, obviously. Always welcome in parties even with suboptimal builds.
Some of the best DPS alts imo:

Tai Scrapper. High damage, ez playstyle, flexible stat spread, high stagger/destruction. Books are $$$ though.
Transformation Machinist. 2 gem class, solid damage, and looks sick. Books are dirt cheap and you have budget engraving options (barricade, stabilized status)
Reflux Sorc. Good damage and mobility. Braindead ez playstyle. Accessories are cheap but books are kind of expensive.

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