[URGENT] Getting booted after traveling to Feiton. In loading screen

I can login but can’t log in on my main at all because I traveled to Feiton for the chaos gate and he is locked. I keep getting booted from the server each time I try to connect with him after 5% of loading screen charges.

Never had an issue before this update, guess your back end broke something.
Can login with other character fine, it can be a problem for Feiton.


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Got the same problem on my main!

@Decarim write a thread in support with main stuck in loading screen, you should just ask to be relocated into a capital, Nameless Valley is the only issue for me. After a week and two maintenances I think it was fixed but it wasn’t,

I already did that and I am waiting an answer. But hanks for the answer :smiley:

I also @ the two guys that helped me last time, I don’t know if it will make things go faster, but you can try.