Urgent: Issue of Dismentling Tier-3 gear. (Please Help)

Dear Support,
I’m writing to you due to the issue of mis-dismantling a Tier-3 chestpiece that I just put on. This issue might be caused by my misclicking, and now I am in panic because I’ve put a decent amount of time and money into this gorgeous game. I’m wondering if there is a way to reverse the dismantling so I don’t have to do all the work all over again. I play on US-West server Shandi. The issue happened with my main account. I’d be greatly appreciated if you can help me with it.

Hello, @234872692 and welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

I’m sorry to know you dismantled an item by accident.

Unfortunately, Dismantling or destroying items can’t be undone, my apologies.

I hope this info helps you and safe travels across Arkesia!