[US EAST - Avesta - Athenas Legion] Semi-HC Recruiting 1325+ active/dedicated players


We are a Semi-HC, focused guild looking for dedicated players to fill and expand our rosters! Friendly and helpful but dedicated to pushing T3 content together on a weekly basis. Currently we are recruiting T3 1325+ (skilled) active players who will put in the time and effort to learn their class and the fights outside of raid as we like to be as efficient as possible. We have multiple 1370+ in the guild ready for raiding. We run weekly abyssal guild runs for legendary cards and catch up on alts/mains and will be having multiple weekly Argos guild runs. Our members are expected as well to participate daily in donations, research, guild quests, and of course any catch up or help from our other members. Only a few spots open! We have a discord which will be given to you upon recruitment and is required! We would love to have you join us! Please feel free to either search our guild (in game) and sign up there or message TrioDeFo (myself) or one of our Officers. You can contact me on discord too if you would like.

GM: Triodefo

Officers: Zombiexslayer, Hellsxbelle, Juelslave