US East - Avesta: <MistakesWereMade> is Recruiting! (Late-Night Raid Guild)

< Mistakes Were Made >

We’re a collection of long-time Mythic and CE Raiders from our WOW guild (by the same name). So far, we’ve got 5 of us in guild/game in Ark. We generally play every night after 9:30PM PST, and we’re primarily looking for more members to push end game content with us. And we’re also open to getting to know officers from similar guilds in US East, so we can pug with each other as needed. We’re active in Discord and will share those details with you, if we’d like to chat more.

We’re hoping that we can find some like-minded players who don’t want to advance through end game content too slowly, yet don’t have the time (or inclination) to push for hard-core progression either. If you’re looking for more of a static push group and would rather not join a social guild and hope for the best–we could be a good match for you.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in learning more. And if you’re already on our server, you can apply to our guild [Mistakesweremade] or hit me up directly as well: Givler

Thank you!

Bumping for visibility =)

Bump. Still looking to round out our core team.