🇺🇸 (US East - Azena) ESTI EFIU lvl 7

ESTI EFIU (lvl 7) 38 of 42 – NA EAST – AZENA SERVER

  • 1370+, 3 groups weekly (2) P3 Argos, (1) P2 Argos. 1400s in Guild.
  • Our DPS does massive crit damage, our supports practice real life Wack-a-Mole, our tanks taunt UFC fighters
  • In Raids, bosses walk up to us, drop their loot, and kill themselves
  • **** Amazon Games pays us to play
  • We do not talk about Fight Club
  • Our growing team is made up of hardcore/casual MMO grinders who don’t waste time to become murderers of progression
  • Sleep deprivation seminars are held daily
  • If you can’t seem to wrap your head around the guild name, then just sit down and…
  • Our Discord isn’t fancy because we don’t waste time on virtual nonsense like that…cough
  • Join today 21+ (moms written consent is not needed but recommended. Number must be included)
  • Use our Discord as you like. But please be appreciative as you would with your stepdad from your moms third marriage


Bromo#6965 (discord contact)

***Dreams are real, in a theoretical subjective way, right?