US-East Regulus - Bespoke League Recruitment

New, returning, or players just looking for something new,

Bespoke League is recruiting and looking for people to tackle end game content. Learning friendly, kind, inclusive group. Bring any class. Bring your alts. Bring your friends. If it gets to the point we are filling up, we can make an alt guild.

I stream on Twitch, have an active Discord, but everyone that was playing Lost Ark are playing other games. I want to experience the end game of Lost Ark, but don’t want the pressure of PUGS or matchmaking. I hope this resonates with others and we get some invites. Let’s learn the mechanics, drink a couple beers, wipe, laugh, and try again.

I have a 1460 main, and 5 1415 alts. Want to start all the way down with Argos and progress together.

If you’re interested in joining or learning more about the guild join the discord The Bespoke League or just apply in game.