[US EAST] [UNA] Blvcklisted PvX Guild

Blvcklisted prioritizes ourselves in providing a comforting and enjoyable gameplay environment for our members, with the belief that the personality of individual players is more important than their in-game characters. This is why we’ve built our guild as a social hub, for those who wish to both play and engage with others.

Guild Name: Blvcklisted
Region:US East :us:
Server: Una
Language: English

What we offer
Guild lvl currently lvl 4
Fast and efficient research
Fun vibes, active members
All active players are 1k+ gear score
Helping guild members with guardian dungeons and abyss dungeons.
Decently geared players, or players working towards 1370. we do have members above 1370.
Content to do with others.

18+ Players
Players to chat and vibe with in discord.
Decently geared players, or players working towards 1370
Focused research (Task upgrades for more exp and bloodstones > Guild Shop)
Contribution via guild quests (More bloodstones for the players, and the guild bank)
If interested, DM Humble#4851, ROB#6807, XERO#4522, Lamruil#0380, Snafu#8256 on discord, or message Panzeriv or Snafuu in game.