[US-East] Una - Drama-Free guild with "adulting" friendly raid plans

Greetings All

Are you an adult gamer who seeks to enjoy everything the game has to offer with other like-minded adult gamers in a toxic-free, relaxed environment? Please read on!

Who we are:

Malum Factum has been a gaming community for over 20 years now and we pride ourselves in being a competitive end-game guild while maintaining a toxic-free, laid back environment.

Gaming is a hobby, and hobbies are meant to be enjoyed. We blend this mindset with the desire to be a quality raid team and it’s proven to be a sustainable recipe for success.


We currently are looking for a few tier 2/3 players who are actively playing Lost Ark as their main game. We have a very active core of players who do everything the game has to offer, both on mains and alts.

We will be pushing the guild to rank 4 at reset and want to bring on a few more folks who enjoy doing end-game content, events, etc.

We are not going to restrict particular classes atm but we are hunting folks who at least have 600+ item level or higher on their main.

Interested in chatting?

Add me on discord. Pimsley#1337


Guild: Malum Factum
Server: Una
What: Drama-free adult guild


  • Item level 600+
  • Discord with working mic
  • Lost Ark is your main game
  • 18+ with a sense of humor
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I am available all day to chat. Just ping me on discord.

Online and chatting.

Get back up there.

Still looking.

I have a 1340 Berserker and roster lvl 90, I am going to main shadowhunter (she’s at ilvl 1040) may I join your guild? my avg contribution to the guild should be around 800 weekly. I’ve already applied to your guild in game. I just don’t like to add someone that I don’t know in real life in discord. However, I am more than happy to join guild discord server =)

Feel free to add me on discord!

Still looking for a few good folks!