I keep getting stuck on loading screens at 70% full and then game will crash all of a sudden. Once I tried to log back in it was saying Sudden Error and then the game restarted. A lot of other players have said the same thing.


can confirm, as can my discord and guild on Una


Happened to me as well. I just closed the game for about 10 minutes and I’m back in.

E: Spoke too soon. Happened again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m locked out. The game failed to connect to the servers (I’m on Una), and then booted me after an error. I logged back in and was told my account is already logged in and that I’ll be restricted if I keep trying? …

I tried again in a few minutes and now I’ve been login-banned for 10 minutes, according to the error, due to my account already being logged in.

Fix your servers, for god sake, Amazon.


Something similar happened to me. Trying to log in and I got an error and the game closed, so I tried logging in a few more times and it said my account was in use (probably from the first error). On my last attempt to log in I got a 10 minute suspension lol


I just had this happen to me. At least I am not the only one.

The game was taking forever to load so I thought it had crashed and was an error on my end, I shut it down using task manager and now I can’t log in because I’m somehow already logged in.

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happened to me as well. Saying duplicate logins… do NOT try logging in multiple times…



Same thing happen to me. stuck in load screen had to close from windows and got locked out for 10 mins trying to log back in.

Happening to me as well, I thought it was the “switch character” function but it looks like I’m just getting stuck on 70% load and kicked out then told I have a character logged in already and locked from my account.

The team is working to resolve and stabilize now, thanks for the rapid reports


Yeah, the bad thing is that if they are doing sth to the server I don’t know how long I’m supposed to wait. I’m tempted to try again after the 10 minutes but what if I get banned? :frowning:

Think ill wait for word from the team before i try again. looks like they know something isnt quite right

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Thank you for reassuring us. For those of us who were blocked 10 minutes, were our accounts flagged or sth? Is there a way to remove this to prevent further damages in case this ever happens again in the future?

@Roxx this is happening to me and friends on Azena as well.

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I had the same 70% load bug on azena. Game crashed out of loading into the 460 abyssal dungeon and I got a refund ticket but then I had another matchmkaing group crash out. Just totally lost my weekly raid ticket for nothing :grinning:


Ouch hope the region isn’t about to go BOOM :grimacing:


Same here brother


Same with Regulus

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I had this same issue just now, I got stuck loading at about 70% going to set sail. After the game crashed i kept getting an error when trying to get back in. Just now as im writing this got i got back in :rofl:

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