[US West - Akkan] Aussie PvX guild: Farewell Valtan

Guild: Farewell Valtan
Server: Akkan
Contacts in-game Spotwo - Raille - Zhadersil
Primary timezone AEST / AEDT

About Us
Farewell Valtan was formed by a group of Aussie gamers exiled from Valtan during the great character creation lock of Lost Ark launch. The core of the guild is a network of friends connected through irl and online games over the years.

Our roster has players with a mix of ages, MMO experience and activity levels - but many of us are casual as we work fulltime, have family responsibilities, etc.

:seedling:Goals / Interests:seedling:

  • Grouping with the guild to aid progression
  • Sharing game knowledge / tips / guides
  • Exploring end-game PvX content
  • Establishing a core membership that is active in-game and on discord
  • Chillin on voice comms while we grind

:thinking: **Expectations **:thinking:

  • We’re here to relax and have fun so always be respectful to other members/players
  • Help the guild progress via silver donations, research progress and weekly quests
  • Maintain at least weekly activity
  • Alts will be moved to secondary in-game guilds when we hit the limit

Currently recruiting Aussie T1/T2 players until we reach the roster cap, message us in-game or drop by our discord to join.

Is your guild still active? Im an aussie looking to join

Ive just requested to join my character name is “Ulukalala”