[US West - Akkan] Looking for active, social guild

Hi there. I am looking for an active, social west coast NA PST guild active in the late afternoons evenings. I am hoping to find people to chat with as much as raid with. Discord or in game chat works. Just not looking for silent bots that dont talk.

Leave your information below or any questions so I can reach out to you if you think id fit.

1350 zerker main.

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I’m kind of in the same boat as you on Akkan. I have a guild on my main that I accidentally became the guild leader of when the previous leader disbanded. I’d leave it in a heartbeat except for the huge leaving penalty due to some bad choices early on with automatic joining guilds and finding noone there.

For me this is an exceptionally lonely game. I try to talk to people all of the time in this game and i’m met with absolute silence. I have gradually grinded out 6 alts to various tiers but I am an older guy so I prefer not to do hard content with people I do not know in random groups and in the party finder there never seem to be learning parties and not knowing the content myself, I am reluctant to try and lead a learning party.

From there I have 6 toons in 6 different guilds where rarely anyone says anything at all except for this one guild I am in on one alt. It’s name is a Positive Place. Very cool people but it is on one alt that I mostly just do chores on each day and then log off of.

I’d be happy to meet new people and hang out on discord or something. Maybe an Akkan discord server. Being in guilds in this game while appealing matters mostly from a farming materials standpoint. It is exceptionally unfortunate that you cannot share guilds across characters so that some sort of basic community could be built.

Anyways, throwing it out there. I can be found on Akkan on the following characters during each day: Kadij/Ephemz/Ephem/Kadik/Icarul/Draxic

I really enjoy Paladins and have at least 1 in each tier and quickly progressing. Main is 1365 I think.

Anyone else looking to make new friends while they grind out basic tasks each day and then maybe do some abyssal stuff etc together as we go?


I sent you a friends request. And I agree. I am going to try to start up a global chat for people who want a crew to talk to while grinding, chat while sailing and find people to do stuff with, all while not having to leave their clan and wait a month to join another. Send me a friends request in game, my characters name is Dreagan, and I can invite you.

Hey, not sure where both of you are at now but I’m a guildmaster that’s actively recruiting fellow social endgame focused players. I’m trying to get static groups started for all raids, obviously valtan is a priority but MMO’s are more fun with friends. My guild is almost lvl 5 guild shop, we have 6+ people ready for valtan hard, could be more haven’t checked in a while. Regardless if you’re at that Ilvl social players looking to run stuff together is the priority. Please let me know if you’re interested! I’ve got a 1450 paladin and 1460 sorc.

join me on discord - Higher Power