US West Login Queues & Bots


Let me first say that I completely understand that this is a free game and there are certain things that come along with that. Waiting over an hour to login is not one of those things. I have played daily since launch and launch week we had better login conditions than what we see currently for server queue, which is blasphemous.

I cannot assume that bots are the only issue as new content will bring back players that stopped until the class they wanted to play was released or players that just didn’t play until the class they wanted was released have started. As any player that has made an “Alt” recently can tell you though, the vast majority of any “player” interactions all the way up to Feiton is in fact a train of bots and is an obvious problem that even having 1 live GM per server could fix.

Not fixing the issue, if its bots or just server allocation due to player influx will only exacerbate the problem and force those that actually play the game to run scripts to avoid afk timers so they wont have to queue like the vast majority of players did in New World. Some wont or can’t afford to wait an hour to play the game of their choice based on their school / work schedules.

I fully enjoy the game and have 4 characters in T3. I’m not sure about others but I won’t wait an hour to play, I’ll find something else to fill my time. Hope to see this rectified soon, until then… Goodbye Lost Ark.

Thank you


I second this, and don’t understand why we wouldn’t lower the amount of players in these server/ques. I logged in at 12:30+am due to i just got home from work have a giant Que, and i know i won’t be able to do even one quest before reset because of log in ques. This is worst than even launch.

Hold your people accountable, or you’ll lose out on players, I had two friends that refuse to wait 20+ minutes in a que for the game. It ruined their experiences as new players and it has gotten worst. I love the game as well and have 13 characters. 2 in t3 another shortly to be included. I won’t be playing tonight due to the log in time.

I’m 80%+ on adventure tomes minus south vern and have my astray. I’ve put in some time and two founders packs cause I was excited for this game. If this issue continues I may follows my friends route and try it when another class comes out that I want to enjoy in 6+ months. Or just quit all together, I’m sure by the time elden ring is complete ashes of creation maybe around the corner. I enjoy your game, just your lack of server quality and not fixing minor issues is ruining player experience and I’m not sure people are complaining enough about this. All the other issues are silly complaints like “i don’t have enough honing mats”, no your just impatient and play to much not all of us can play 8hours a day. lol Good luck Altrdst8, hope they listen.

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