US West - Mari - Arkane

Guild name: Arkane
Server: Mari
Language: English

Arkane is a chill mature guild looking to expand our members and community. We welcome anyone who interacts and socializes that wants to be involved and help each other and mostly help our guild. We want the guild to be lively. We are active in discord/in game. Guild is currently level 4.

The community has a strong group of leaders who quickly get rid of any troublemakers. Current members are active more in the evening so keep that in mind when thinking about applying. Guild content runs are held weekly when it is convenient for the majority of the guild.

We are looking for like minded people who want to enjoy the game while pushing content whether it is end game or just side content. We have people of types.

Join our discord and drop your name in chat and we can add you or you can look up Arkane in game and submit request there.

You can leave your name and class in reply if want us to add you.