[US WEST - MARI] Pvpness - PvX / FOR THE 9-5 MEN

WELCOME AND HELLO, TO PVPNESS! Not to sugar coat or beat around the bush like others, our priority is FUN. If that means sacrificing an hour to get some pvp in… WE WILL.

Name: Pvpness :joy:
Region: NA WEST
Server: MARI
Playstyle: Hardcore Casual
Time: 4pm PST - 12pm PST WE ARE LIVE

From my EXPERIENCE, what makes a guild work the best is having players that are on at similar times so everything is smooth. My main group and I are on around 4 PM PST weekdays and off weekends. Looking for similar players as well.

By hardcore casual guild, I mean that we play with a goal, and that’s to be one of the best at our classes. What I don’t mean is min maxing every possible thing and requiring our members to do the same and kicking players out if they mess up in a raid. Those are extreme guilds lol.

Just looking to create a foundation to add onto my group of friends, Hopefully you’re interested!

Free join in game or can join the discord and let us know there, anyways… ENJOY LOST ARK!