US West Multiple Servers Queue Slowness

What is up with the server queue today at 10am PST?

A queue is fine, but all of a sudden this new queue is moving SUPER slow.

I am on Valtan and I kid you not, it moves about 10-15 positions PER minute.

I was at 1155 at 10:18am and now at 10:25am I am at 1078.

The previous queues moved much faster than this. Is there a simultaneous user authorization issue like another MMO had a few months back?


I am having the same issue on Mari as well been in queue for about an hour now


My queue position was 34 when I connected, 15 minutes later it’s now 28

Edit: I’m guessing the issue is 0 people are getting into the server and my queue position only dropped when people ahead of me cancelled their connection attempt. This would explain why further back in the queue you’d have more queue progress.


@Roxx @TrevzorFTW is smilegate aware of this issue?

bump on this issue

Big bump ! 2 servers shouldn’t be this busy with VERY slow que times

Queue real time update: 10:39am at 999

trying to get into mari right now, and ive been waiting around 15-25 mins. started at 850 am now 692 as of now… hopefully this gets fixed sooner rather than later.

Most of us here will be annoyed but fine, but when servers REALLY pickup in a few hours there is gonna be raaaaaaage at 3000+ queues at this rate.

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This sounds like a problem either with the log in server itself, with the server not properly reporting server population, or too many bots. Either way it seem like a server restart would fix most of this.

All the bots that got the 24hr ban from patch release are probably logging back in for their shift today.

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Other threads are now blowing up. I am seeing screenshots of people at 5k, 7k and such.

Smilegate is gonna have a good time. I tried to give them a head’s up.

Mari queue is maxed out @ 4000. Been in queue for 30 mins or so now and I’m only at 3760. Something is definitely wrong.

5700 queue a few minutes ago for Valtan.

I’m down to 5500 after 8 minutes.

This is ridiculous, ban the bots, ban the RMT sellers, also, BAN THE RMT BUYERS.

a 100% not bots :joy:

Queue on Mari now at 9376 - wow!

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Queue already up to 9k

It appears every server is being overloaded today. Please look into the cause of this, i havent seen a queue in months. 10k que makes me just wanna close the game rather than wait. Thank you for your time.

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Yeah like wtf i went from 707 to 558 in one fuking hour, how the fuk is this even possible

Most likely something is wrong with the servers