[US West - Valtan] Soft Wipes - now recruiting!

Hello friends!

We are a small group of Canadian West Coasters looking for more to join us on our Lost Ark gaming adventures.

Our guild is a relaxed environment, focused simply on enjoying the game.
We are here to learn from one another, help each other, and have fun together.
Currently, we are looking for players to join us and do activities such as Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons as well as some casual PVPing.

We don’t have too many rules, and we only ask that all applicants be willing to treat others with the same respect as they would themselves.
We believe you should be able to voice your opinions and concerns, just be mature about it.

Currently all our members are within the Pacific Standard Time zone (GMT -8). The guild leader and myself are fairly active throughout the day but the majority of our members play during the evening time, which seems to be the peak server time judging by the queue time.

If you are interested and would like more information, please message Toyed on Valtan to discuss.

Alternatively, you can just search us up and simply apply!

Hope to get to know you soon!

still recruiting~ we are are pleased to have added 3 more to our group.
Most of us are active daily, looking for more friendlies to do dungeons/raids/pvp/share treasure maps with.

Join a guild so you can purchase materials with bloodstones!